This is the final installment of Jenny’s Graduate Journey! And boy have I experienced some interesting predicaments since our last meeting. However, I am reaching the end of this chapter and looking towards the future! Yay!

Over the summer I completed my internship, a truly fruitful experience. I was involved in learning about and experiencing academic publication. I co-authored (as first author) a chapter submission for a book to be published in the near future and learned first-hand the about crossing the bridge that stands between being a student and being an academic.  This internship was independently driven and truly an experiential learning opportunity. By the end of the internship I made it out alive, with my head still attached! Funny enough the publication experience is still continuing as the chapter may still need revisions following external review. The other day my mother said to me (she’s just finishing up her PhD) that as a rule, no paper is ready to be sent off for publication until at LEAST V20 [she labels her papers with version numbers over dates for simplicity (ie. V1)].

Crazy Right?!

Overall, what a rich experience, I can safely say I have learned more in the last three months than I have in any other professional setting.

Now I’m back home in Ontario and I am thrilled! I’ve completed all of the requirements for my graduate program and am just finishing up my final research paper. If you’re interested, once I’ve graduated you should be able to read the paper through Memorial’s library catalogue! I’m so happy to be moving towards the next chapter.

Yay, sun!

I would like to take the opportunity to shout out to the cohort of 2015 – you’re awesome. Thanks for the inspiration! Thank you to the EPI faculty and staff for the incredible support and guidance throughout the year. The classes truly motivated my success. You will have my gratitude always!

A final word to all my fellow peers. Know your rights, know your responsibilities and always, always take meticulous notes. One of the most important lessons I have learned throughout this experience is to follow up meetings with a written summary and reiteration of any instructions in order to facilitate open and efficient communication.

Oh, and make sure you get the right supervisor for you! Research, research, research!

Follow your gut and trust your instincts, you got this!