The final installment…

This is the final installment of Jenny’s Graduate Journey! And boy have I experienced some interesting predicaments since our last meeting. However, I am reaching the end of this chapter and looking towards the future! Yay! Over the summer I completed my internship, a truly fruitful experience. I was involved in learning about and experiencing … [Read more…]

Bon voyage!

For my last blog post, I am writing to you from France where I have been spending the month of July visiting my family. Of course, when you are a graduate student, holidays aren’t really full days off where you just get to sleep in late, chill, and have fun with your friends and relatives. … [Read more…]

Digging in Collections

When most people imagine an archaeologist, they may think of a person in full-khaki wear; with a safari-esque khaki hat, zip-off khaki pants, and a matching khaki vest with lots of pockets, in a deep hole lightly dusting of a pot sherd or a skull. Or they might think of our popular poster-people like Lara … [Read more…]

Good Luck!

Here I am. This time I’m writing in my office, at Campus. The room is very quiet. Outside it’s raining and is quite cold. Even if I could work at home with my computer, I prefer to come here to the Science building. There are less distractions here than at home and I can speak … [Read more…]

Ah yes…other things to consider while at graduate school

As always, it’s been great reading my fellow bloggers’ entries about their graduate school experience at Memorial. I’m glad to see that the different thoughts, concerns, and excitement that I’ve been experiencing during my graduate journey are being shared by my peers. It’s also really great to get diverse perspectives from students at various points … [Read more…]

This summer is extremely busy…

This summer is extremely busy for me. I’m doing two classes, working on one Graduate Assistantship, and I’m also a TA for an undergraduate level course. This is all on top of a part-time job that I’ve taken on so that I can be prepared for the end of my fellowship funding. A lot of … [Read more…]

Oh Summer…

Oh summer… summer… where art thou summer? Summer in Corner Brook, NL is generally cool and overcast with a few warm days when the sun peaks its face through clouds. Those are the days you sit outside and soak it all in, reminiscing of the recent flurry of researching and writing. Well folks, it ain’t … [Read more…]

Spring Conferencing…

As of April 2016, I have fulfilled the course requirements for my PhD program, and I feel as if I am now entering a new exciting, but also confusing, journey. I have much more freedom to decide what I want to research or read about, and more time to focus on what I am really … [Read more…]

Grad School is like Riding a Bike…

Warning: this blog post will include many biking analogies. A month ago I decided to rent a bike from Memorial’s Bikeshare program. It was starting to get warm-er – “finally” said the Ontarian – I wanted to save money on bus fare and it was a great way to incorporate fitness into my daily routine. … [Read more…]

Spring has arrived…

Here I am again, in my room. Outside it’s raining, but it’s warm. I visited my home country, Italy, for a holiday between the Winter and the Spring Semester, but I didn’t expect to be so homesick and jet-lagged once I returned to St. John’s. Everything was similar, but a bit weird, even the weather. … [Read more…]