Leaping from One Ocean to the Next

Every fish begins their life in a protected and sheltered environment. Like all good things, the protection ends and eventually, the small fry sets out on its own. I grew up a fish. At least, that’s what my parents would say. In January of 2021, in the middle of a pandemic, I packed up all … [Read more…]

Blending Disciplines and Decades into New Horizons

Starting a Ph.D. across the Atlantic at the age of 49 was certainly not something I had always planned, so let me briefly outline the route that took me here. High school teachers corrupted my early interest and love in visual art, which is why I turned to physics after graduation. I made it all … [Read more…]

Take Your Time, There’s No Rush

This is my final blog post for the Memorial School of Graduate studies. I’ve been writing for them over the past three years of my graduate school career, and putting pen to paper for one last blog post provokes nostalgia I never dreamed of feeling for this arduous process that is higher education. I entered … [Read more…]

Local knowledge and engagement with research

It’s summertime again! The leaves are green, the sun is out, it’s finally warm, and everyone seems to be in pretty high spirits! I am looking forward to getting my second dose of the COVID vaccine this month and going to visit my family. While I wait to see them though, I am enjoying my … [Read more…]

Expanding my student life!

Dear friends, graduation time seems closer and closer! I can feel the excitement that an unknown-full-of-hope student feels. The daily life of my at home-office has its ups and downs and is a rush from morning to night. Get everything ready, take the girls to school, come back to work, pick up the girls, evening … [Read more…]

Decompress and relax… with another course!?

Courses are done and summer is here! For us, it’s a break from the classroom, but we have still so much to do – research assistantships, proposals, field work, thesis writing, comprehensive exam prep. The list goes on! But we made it. You made it. No matter how it went, we all did our best. … [Read more…]

Go outside (but for real)

(Photo caption: The author taking their own advice and exploring Bell Island. Photo credit Joanie Kennah) It will likely come as no surprise to you that in the midst of an ongoing global pandemic, and the stresses of grad school, going outside comes as a frequent recommendation to improve quality of life – and only … [Read more…]

From Academic to Entrepreneur

(My dog (Randy) hanging out in the armchair where I like to read. He’s always believed in me and known I’d make it through grad school in one piece.) The first time I submitted my thesis, it felt like a failure and I was happy to get it out of my sight. For some folks, … [Read more…]

Mental Health Reminders

Welcome to the last day of the semester! For many of you, this is crunch time! There are exams coming up, assignments due, deadlines for your thesis, conferences and presentations, and so many more things to keep track of. I am here to remind you that you can do this. You are almost there, and … [Read more…]

Lock-Down Part 2

“Just 10 more minutes…” becomes 30 minutes, one hour, two hours…by the time I wake up feeling completely guilty, it’s time to open the computer and get ready to spend the rest of the day looking at that screen containing various word documents, PDF files, and small squares of people. Working from home has its … [Read more…]