Graduate Supervision and Mentorship

The training and mentoring by faculty supervisors of graduate students is critical to their positive university experience, timely program completion, and preparedness for the world of work. The responsibilities of faculty members who supervise graduate students are outlined in the Responsibilities of Supervisors and Graduate Students. To ensure progress and timeline completion, supervisors and graduate students are expected to complete and submit an Graduate Student Annual Progress and Supervisory Report Form.

Short Course in Graduate Supervision and Mentorship

We often feel more confident when we know what we are doing. By giving supervisors the tools to build confidence in the administration of graduate programs, faculty members can become empowered to explore and refine their approaches to supervision. Since supervision for today’s students needs to go beyond ‘the research’ this course also looks at the importance on mentorship for students in their development as researchers.

We have streamlined our supervisor training to accommodate the changing needs of both faculty and graduate students today by providing essential information to faculty in matters relating to graduate supervision.

To complete the course, there are three 45-minute sessions, and an optional café session at the end of the program. 

Sessions for Winter 2023 Short Course on Supervision and Mentorship will be held on Webex:

March 15 1-1:45 pm
March 29 1-1:45 pm
April 12 1-1:45 pm

To register for the course, and access the Brightspace Course, please email Dr. Meghan Burchell (acting) Associate Dean, School of Graduate Studies. 

Session 1 – Graduate Program Administration: Building Confidence as a Supervisor 

In this session, we’ll review the regulations from the School of Graduate Studies.  By learning how to manage the administration for your students, faculty can build confidence in their ability to navigate the process (and challenges) of graduate supervision.

Session 2 – Supervision Strategies for Graduate Students Today

In this session, we’ll explore strategies for student supervision and ask how our own experiences shape our approach to supervision students.

Session 3Mentoring Graduate Students

Mentoring graduate students is the work we do beyond the program administration and requirements.  Mentoring graduate students encompass the interpersonal skills needed to navigate within academia. Mentoring also extends to how we support our students as they move on to the next stages of their careers.

After completing the three modules, a certification of completion from SGS will be issued.  If participants cannot make all three sessions, accommodations can be made in the short course to assist with completion.


For information, please email Dr. Meghan Burchell (acting) Associate Dean, SGS:

Other training opportunities for faculty supervisors are noted below.


The resources provided here are drawn from the Canadian Association for Graduate Studies’ (CAGS) website.