Role of the Sexual Harassment Advisor

Memorial’s Sexual Harassment Advisor is available to all members of the Memorial community, at all campuses and institutes. This is a permanent, full-time position that reports directly to the university president.

The Sexual Harassment Advisor is responsible for the following:

  • Receiving and responding to concerns and complaints of sexual harassment
  • Monitoring the progress of informal and formal means of resolving sexual harassment concerns or complaints
  • Acting as the primary contact for all of those involved in the complaint process, including investigators, mediators and university administration
  • Coordinating activities, training and supervision of other office staff
  • Providing advice regarding the Sexual Harassment and Sexual Assault Policy and Procedures to members of the university
  • Administering the University-Wide Procedures for Sexual Harassment and Sexual Assault Concerns and Complaints on all campuses and institutes of Memorial

The Advisor is an impartial party when administering the procedures. Their role is to endeavor to ensure that the procedures are properly followed, provide information to both parties, ensure a good and fair process, and ensure that the parties involved understand the procedures and options available to them.

The Advisor has a permanent office located in room E-6039 of the Alexander Murray (Earth Sciences) Building at the St. John's campus and is available to all Memorial University of Newfoundland campuses (Marine Institute, Grenfell, Labrador, Harlow and Frecker Program in St. Pierre).