Information for Complainants

A person who has a concern about sexual harassment or sexual assault is encouraged to consult with the Sexual Harassment Office. Anyone may anonymously seek the advice of the Office. 

The Office shall provide information about the university's policy and its related procedures to individuals seeking advice. They shall also provide information about other available university services, including the Counseling Centre, Employee Assistance Program, Campus Enforcement and Patrol, Student Health Services, and other appropriate internal and/or external services. 

With informal resolutions the Office will keep a non-identifying account of the nature of the concern, any advice given and any outcome achieved. This information is retained for statistical purposes. Record retention relating to the formal resolution process is collected and retained in accordance with the University-Wide Procedures for Sexual Harassment and Sexual Assault Concerns and Complaints. The Office shall take no action which adversely affects the academic, employment or professional interests of the individual who has expressed the concern or is the subject of a concern.

The Office will divulge neither the name of the individual expressing the concern nor the subject of the concern to any third party without the informed and voluntary consent of either party unless the Office has reason to believe that the health or safety of a member or members of the university is at risk. 

Forms can be found here and must be submitted to the Sexual Harassment Office.