Processes and Procedures

Sexual harassment is a violation of human rights. Memorial University recognizes its ethical and legal obligation to provide a workplace and learning environment that is free of sexual harassment. Students and members of faculty and staff at Memorial have the right to work and study in an environment that is free from sexual harassment and sexual assault.  The Sexual Harassment Office offers advice, guidance and support whether a complainant chooses an informal or formal resolution pathway. Anonymous consultation is available and support can be provided without a written complaint.

Bringing a concern or a complaint to the Sexual Harassment Office does not affect your right to also make a report to the police, file a complaint with the Human Rights Commission, make use of the Criminal Code of Canada or the appropriate collective agreements or take legal action. In fact, the Sexual Harassment Advisor can support you in making a decision around reporting and can assist you in the process should you wish to speak to one of these agencies.

All complaints shall be handled with confidentiality and you will remain in control of the process. No information will be shared without your consent. This aligns with the university's focus on the triple C's.

Please contact us with any questions related to the process and procedures.