Marine Institute Guide

If this is an emergency please call 911 

The Sexual Harassment Office is here to support all individuals within the campus community who experience sexual harassment or assault. The Sexual Harassment Advisor or Associate Advisor can help you make the decisions that feel right for you by providing confidential consultation, information, resources and referrals.

The Advisor or Associate can: 

  • Offer advice, guidance and support at your pace and keep the ' three C's' (your confidentiality, control and consent) in the forefront
  • Review Memorial University’s policy and accompanying procedures with you to ensure you understand your options for reporting sexual assault as well as your options for an informal or formal resolution.
  • Coordinate interim measures and accommodations as needed
  • Help facilitate referrals to other supports both on and off campus.
  • Support you in making connection with resources outside the university, including reporting to the police

You can always consult with the Advisor regardless of whether you choose to pursue a formal or informal resolution under the Sexual Harassment Policy. Rhonda Shortall, the Sexual Harassment Advisor, can be reached at 864-2015 or 

You are encouraged to review the following response options:

Contacting community authorities

If you have experienced sexual assault, we encourage you to contact CEP and the police. Information about how to do this and what you can expect when making a report to the police is available in this section. If you are in immediate danger, call 911.

Seeking medical help

If you have experienced sexual assault, we encourage you to seek medical attention. This section provides information on resources in the St. John’s area and advice on seeking medical help.

Finding support on or off campus

There is no right or wrong way to react to sexual assault. This section outlines a number of resources that are available to you on campus or in the community.