Campus Security and Legal Authorities

We encourage you to connect with campus security and the police. 

Sexual assault is a criminal offence. Individuals who experience sexual assault have the option of making a report to the police. You may wish to seek support from Campus Security or the local police. If you would find it helpful, the Sexual Harassment Advisor is available to support you in making this decision. If you decide to proceed with reporting, the Advisor can assist and support you in connecting with the police. If you are not interested in making a report at this time, it is suggested you write down as many details of the incident as you can and keep any personal effects that may be relevant so that you can refer to this should you decide to make a report in the future.

To connect with Campus Security dial 07847-795896
From a campus phone dial 9-07847-795896
You can also email them at

Between 7 p.m. and 7 a.m. you may connect with security by dialing 0 from your room to reach reception or go to the reception desk.

You can reach the police by dialing 999 (from a campus phone dial 9-999)
Non-emergency calls dial 101 (from a campus phone dial 9-101)
You can also report non-emergency crimes to the Essex Police online