Safe & Sexual Harassment Free Learning Environments

Modeling an inclusive, sexual harassment free learning environment can sometimes be as simple as being mindful of the language you use in your day to day interactions. For example, adjusting the use of the word 'he'/'she' to a gender inclusive term such as 'they'.

Additional tips:

  • acknowledge students' gender identity expression and choice of pronouns
  • use humor that isn't demeaning to others on the basis of gender, gender identity, gender expression, sexual orientation or physical appearance
  • when illustrating a point with examples, avoid stereotypes
  • choose course and evaluation material that does not perpetuate stereotypes 
  • consider highlighting the promotion of a sexual harassment free environment in your class syllabus
  • be mindful of cultural differences
  • ensure all material is relevant
  • include all students in class discussions
  • encourage all students to participate

If you have materials you are unsure of or you would like to check the wording of a lecture, we would be happy to review it with you and make suggestions as needed. 

Always Ask! Ask yourself. Ask others. Ask us. 


Gender Inclusive Washrooms

Locations of Gender Inclusive Washrooms on Campus:

Gender-inclusive washrooms are now available in many buildings across the St. John’s and Grenfell campuses including:

  • Bruneau Centre for Research and Innovation, level 1: IIC-1026 and IIC-1027
  • Business building, level 1: BN-1012B
  • Computing Services building (T-12) – CS-1013
  • Core Science facility CSF: multiple locations on each level
  • Earth Sciences building, level 1: ER-1004
  • Education building, level 1: ED-1047
  • Facilities Management building, level 2: FM-2037A
  • St. John’s College, level 2: J-2006
  • Spencer Hall, level 4: SP-4002
  • University Centre – level 6 : UC-6018 and UC-6026
  • Physical Education building, level 3: PE-3001
  • Chemistry-Physics building, levels 3 and 4: C-3064 and C-4055
  • QEII Library, level 4: L-4017A
  • Arts and Science Building, level 2: AS-264 (Grenfell Campus)
  • Fine Arts Building, level 4: FA-407 and FA-408 (Grenfell Campus)