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Contact the Sexual Harassment Office at 709 864 8199 for all campuses and institutes  or 709 637 7195 at Grenfell Campus   


After hours – See Sexual Assault Support and Response Guides

The Sexual Harassment Office, located in ER6037-6039, Alexander Murray (Earth Sciences) Building, St. John's campus, serves all students, faculty and staff of all Memorial University Campuses and Institutes. The office is open Monday to Friday from 8:30 to 4:30 (4pm in June, July and August). The Grenfell office location is AS238.

Staff at the Sexual Harassment office are available to help with concerns related to sexual harassment and sexual assault.  We offer anonymous consultation sessions; in person or by phone, anyone can get information or advice without identifying themselves.  Assistance is available without making a report or a complaint. We provide guidance and assistance to anyone who has been impacted by sexual violence.  If you have a concern about something that has happened to you or someone else, we can help. Call 864 8199 or 637 7195 (Grenfell) or email to arrange a consultation meeting.  We offer trauma informed, person centred services.  We work to prevent sexual violence and mitigate the impact when it does happen. 

Sometimes people are hesitant to discuss concerns about sexual harassment and sexual assault. The Sexual Harassment Office works to break down these barriers - one of our most vital strategies in doing so, is letting everyone know about the 'triple C's' when consulting our office. These refer to confidentiality, control, and consent.

Confidentiality - is vitally important at the Sexual Harassment Office. We respect the private information of all persons involved and keep non-identifying information for statistical purposes. Legal and ethical guidelines exist that place limits on confidentiality if there is a concern of harm to self or others. Because of this, there are certain circumstances when we may have to break confidentiality if there is a serious safety risk to self or others.

Control- of the process remains with the individual who brings a complaint forward. The complainant can choose to seek support from our office and not make a complaint to invoke the SHSA policy.  Where complainants chose to invoke the policy, they remain in control of whether the type of resolution they want to explore. The Sexual Harassment Advisor will provide advice, guidance, and support but control remains with the complainant.

Consent- at times it may be helpful to share information, for example to arrange a referral to another resource or to seek accommodations. It is vital that individuals know this will not happen without express written consent.

The Sexual Harassment Office website contains valuable information, and we encourage exploration of the website for details about the Sexual Harassment and Sexual Assault policy and procedures along with resources and education.