Sexual Harassment Board

The Sexual Harassment Board, in collaboration with the Advisor, oversees the implementation of and reviews the University-Wide Procedures for Sexual Harassment Concerns and Complaints. The Board is representative of the identified university constituency groups as stated in the Terms of Reference for the Sexual Harassment Board. 

The following are the current Sexual Harassment Board members listed by constituency group.

St. John's Campus:

Alexander Brookes, MUNFA
Vicki Hallett, MUNFA
Rhonda Shortall, Sexual Harassment Advisor
Barbara Battcock, (Chair), Administration
Bruce Belbin, Administration
Sharon Warren, Community
Christine Gollop, CUPE 1615
Jesse Brazil, CUPE 1615
Mohamed Auf, GSU
Muntaha Mushfiquee, GSU
Jason Geary, LUMUN
Barbara Mulcahy, LUMUN
Vacant, MISU
Michaela Barnes, MISU
Derek Semerad, MUNSU
Kat McLaughlin, MUNSU
Valerie Piercey, NAPE 7405
Jai Ragunathan, NAPE 7405
Kelly Pearce, NAPE 7801
Adam Carter, NAPE 7801
Penny Kennedy, NAPE 7803
Kevin Howard, NAPE 7803
Will Mallard, NAPE 7804
Shannon Pelley, NAPE 7804
Sherry Del Rizzo, NAPE 7850
Spencer Barnes, NAPE 7850
Vacant, TAUMUN
Chris Barbieri, TAUMUN

Grenfell Campus:

Diane Johnson (Chair), CUPE
Rhonda Shortall, Sexual Harassment Advisor
Paula Sheppard Thibeau, Community
Christine (Chris) Short, LUMUN
Keith Kean, NAPE Main
Dan Quilty - 1809
Jessica Couture, HR
Hanna Jenkins, GCSU
Holly Pike, MUNFA

The Sexual Harassment Board By-Laws can be viewed as well.  ByLaw1