The Sexual Harassment Office provides confidential services to all members of the university community on all campuses and institutes of Memorial. Services include providing confidential consultations, educational sessions and training (e.g. Policy and Procedures, First Responder training, healthy relationships, Go Abroad pre-departure, etc), and facilitation of timely response and resolution of concerns and complaints. The Sexual Harassment Office offers both formal and informal resolution options to choose from. You can come to our office for support or to simply ask questions without having to file a complaint. The Sexual Harassment Advisor can also facilitate interim measures and accomodations as needed, support you in making an informed decision, and facilitate referral(s) to other supports both on and off campus as requested.

Consultations offer a chance for you to have a private one on one session with the Sexual Harassment Advisor. The Advisor can answer your questions and provide advice, guidance and support to ensure you make informed decisions. All consultations are strictly confidential and can occur through an office visit or telephone call. While there is flexibility in the meeting location, we want to make sure it is a space where your confidentiality won't be compromised. The Sexual Harassment Advisor will work with your comfort level in deciding whether to arrange an in-person or over the phone consultation. 

Coordination of timely resolutions
A complainant may file a complaint within twelve calendar months of an incident. Events prior to the twelve month period can be referenced if the incident(s) is relevant and part of a series of incidents that form a pattern of harassment. Once a complaint is received, the Advisor shall contact the respondent within three days to advise of the complaint and provide information on the resolution process. Complaints that are resolved through a formal resolution pathway are guided by identified timelines as outlined in the Policy.

Interim measures and accommodations
The Sexual Harassment Advisor, through the President's office, may facilitate interim measures and accommodations to preserve the health, safety and security of the complainant and/or respondent while a situation is being resolved, investigated or decided. Interim measures and accommodations may also be taken to protect other members of the university.

Referrals to other resources, both on campus and in the community, can be coordinated through the office. You can also find resources customized per campus and institute in our Sexual Assault Support and Response Guides.

Education Sessions
Education sessions are available upon request covering a variety of topics such as:

  • information on the policy and procedures; 
  • healthy relationships;
  • faculty, student and staff orientations;
  • consent education; and
  • bystander intervention.

Training for first responders is also provided as are pre-departure sessions for students going abroad and education sessions for students heading into a workterm or field placement. We are happy to work with you in tailoring a session to meet the needs of your department. We especially encourage all academic and administrative units to schedule a session by contacting the Sexual Harassment Office.