Why should I report an incident of sexual harassment, including sexual assault to the Sexual Harassment Office?

If I pursue a complaint through the Sexual Harassment Office can I still report a sexual assault to the police or file a Human Rights complaint?

Yes. Filing a complaint through the Sexual Harassment Office does not prevent you from reporting to the police, in fact the Advisor can assist and support you in making this report. If the matter falls under the Human Rights Act, you can consider filing a complaint with the commission as well. The Advisor is available to support you in exploring these options.

Can I file a complaint at any time?

Under the Sexual Harassment Policy a complaint must be filed within twelve (12) months of the incident. Incidents that occurred prior to the twelve (12) months may be referenced if the incidents are relevant and part of a series of incidents that form part of the pattern of harassment.

I am reluctant to go through a formal resolution process, is there anything else I can do to address this?

Yes. Under the University Wide Procedures for Sexual Harassment Concerns and Complaints there are options for an informal resolution. If you have been sexually assaulted you can also explore options from our Sexual Assault Support and Response Guides. The Advisor can provide information for additional resources and facilitate a referral to any service you may find beneficial as well as providing support and guidance with the choices you make. The Advisor is available for consultations regardless of whether you choose to make a complaint or request a resolution. 

Will I have any control in the process?

Yes. You are in control of the process and we will offer support and guidance with the choices you make. The 'triple C's' - confidentiality, control and consent of your information - are very important to us and we will only step outside this if there is a concern of harm to self or others. 

Can I report sexual harassment that I am aware of but am not involved in?

You can report incidents that you are not directly involved in by contacting the Sexual Harassment Advisor. Sexual harassment and sexual assault is an issue where bystanders can help make a difference, such as by reporting incidents that are witnessed. This shared responsibility is especially important for those in an authoritative role in the university.