Behavioural ecology and demography of seabirds at Buldir Island, Alaska

Buldir Island (52º21'N 175º56'E), the most remote island in the Aleutians, is located in the middle of a 120 mile wide pass between the 'Rat' Islands and the Near Islands. With 21 breeding seabird species (including 12 auks), the island supports the most diverse seabird colony in the northern hemisphere. In collaboration with the Alaska Maritime National Wildlife Refuge of the US Fish and Wildlife Service we have been conducting seabird research on Buldir since 1990.

Some questions we are addressing:

1. What sources of selection are responsible for the diversity of visual and acoustic signals used by auklets (Alcidae, Aethia spp.) during the breeding season?

2. How are Least, Crested, Whiskered Auklet populations regulated?

3. Are auklet species in competition for breeding sites and food?

4. What are the patterns of auklet (Aethia spp.) movement and migration outside the breeding season (August-April)?

5. How best to monitor auklet populations?

6. What is the likely fate of auklet populations in a situation of rapidly changing climate and oceanography?

7. What are the anthropogenic threats to Aleutian seabird populations and what management actions could be taken to offset these?


^video of our principal study area at Buldir, Main Talus, during a period of high auklet activity (here)

Some notable Buldir-focused publications from our research group:

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more research publications listed here




Buldir Island user's manual (here)