Science Career Networking - 2017


Career Networking Event for Computer Science and Math Majors - November 2017

Industry Professionals:

Adam Keating
COO & Co-Founder, CoLab Software Incorporated
Recruit for: Full Stack Developers, Front-end or Back-end Developers

Ed Martin
President, Clockwork Fox Studios

Heidi Murphy
Employee Success Manager, Verafin

Jason Stock
Enterprise Software Sales Professional, Verafin

Tim Oram
Software Developer, Bluedrop Performance Learning

Lesley Chard
UI/UX Designer, Bluedrop Performance Learning

Sam Carroll
Office and HR Manager, Hey Orca, Genesis Centre, MUN

Adam Smith
Software Developer, Hey Orca, Genesis Centre, MUN

Darwin Carrillo
Software Developer, Hey Orca, Genesis Centre, MUN

Sahand Seifi
CTO, Hey Orca, Genesis Centre, MUN

Recruit for: Web development positions
To find open positions with Hey Orca, visit:
A Computer Science degree is the most common background that Hey Orca recruits for, but it's not always a requirement.

Sharon Janes
Senior Consultant, Manager of Eastern Operations, Integrated Informatics Inc.

Gerard Noseworthy
Lead Developer, Integrated Informatics Inc.

Recruit for: Earth Science, Geography, Computer Science, Engineering, Geophysics, Math, etc.

Greg Dawson
VP Software Production, Celtx
Recruit for: Web Application Developers, Web Infrastructure Developers, etc. See "Careers" link below for current job listings:

David Bartlett
Financial Advisor, CIBC

Sherisse Tucker
Automobile Unit Claims Manager, Newfoundland, Intact Insurance

Sarah Arnott
Manager, Strategy Planning & Liaison, Office of the CIO

Debbie Bowering
Manager, RBC Royal Bank

Environmental Science Career Networking Event - February 2017

Stephanie Tucker
Communications & Marketing Coordinator, Conservation Corps Newfoundland and Labrador

Katie Power
Water Resources and Conservation Coordinator, Conservation Corps Newfoundland and Labrador

Recruit for: 1) Regional Supervisor positions (typically hire 4 youth for 17-week positions, and they can be from any background as long as their experience fits with company needs! 2) ECHO positions (8-12 week summer positions across the province for returning students from all backgrounds. Positions are focused on environmental and cultural heritage.) 3) Green Team positions (8 week summer positions across the province for anyone age 16-30 from all backgrounds. Positions are also focused on environmental and cultural heritage.)

Kiley Best
Chair Board of Directors, Petty Harbor Mini Acquarium
Recruit for: Biology, Environmental science, Education, and/or General Science.
Note: Other areas of study will be considered if the candidate has experience delivering presentations and programs to youth groups, or has previously worked as a youth group leader for summer camps, scouts & guides, etc.

Ann Madden
Education Coordinator, MUN Botanical Garden

Madonna Bishop
Research Liaison, MUN Botanical Garden

Christine Gillard
Environmental Educator, MUN Botanical Garden

Recruit for: Biology and Natural Sciences

Andrew Peach
Location Manager/ Discipline Leader (Geotechnical), Golder Associates Ltd.
Recruit for: Biology, Environmental Science and Earth Sciences (Geology & Geophysics). Also recruit for Engineering disciplines, e.g., Geotechnical/Geological Engineering and Environmental Engineering.

David Pinsent
Senior Environmental Advisor, Husky Energy
Recruit for: Geologists and Geophysicists

Dawne Skinner
Environmental Engineer (P.Eng.), Dillon Consulting

Amanda Rietze
Environmental Scientist (G.I.T.), Dillon Consulting

Anna Linegar
Environmental Scientist (G.I.T.), Dillon Consulting

Recruit for: Geology, Geophysics, Biology, Ecology, Environmental Engineering, and related Environmental Sciences. Further information regarding the sub-disciplines can be found on the company website here:

Suzanne Dooley
Co-Executive Director, Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society

Valerie Moulton, M.Sc.
Vice-President, Frontier Operations, LGL Limited, Environmental Research Associates
Recruit for: Biological fields—(Marine, Terrestrial, and Freshwater), GIS Specialists and Biostatisticians, etc.

Thomas McKeever
Project Manager /Principal Researcher, Statoil Canada

Christine Doucet
Senior Manager of Research, Wildlife Division, Government of Newfoundland