Recent Theses

Student NameThesis TitleSupervisorGraduation Date
Arif, Md. Hizbul BaharClimate Generator (Stochastic Climate Representation: 120 ka to present year)L. TarasovMay 2017
Chilaka, CharlesN-gram methods of analyzing DNA sequenceS. Carr, W. Banzhaf & N. ShalabyOctober 2016
Gaalswyk, KariMolecular Simulation Methods for Conformational Searches and DiffusivityC. RowleyOctober 2016
Spies, LukasStructured-grid multigrid with Taylor-Hood finite elementsS. MacLachlanOctober 2016
Ahmed, FaysolLinearized Domain Decomposition Approaches for Boundary Value ProblemsR. HaynesOctober 2015
Alkadour, Bassel AhmedMicromagnetic Simulations of Maghemite Nanospheres in FCC ArraysJ. WhiteheadOctober 2015
Ahammad, Mohammad JalalNumerical simulation of miscible fluid flows in porous mediaJ. AlamMay 2014
Danial, Syed NasirOn autonomous agent modelling for virtual offshore environmentsF. KhanMay 2014
Nippard, DevinModelling radial electron densities of atoms in moleculesR. PoirierMay 2014
Xu, MuyiMolecular dynamics approach to mica surface reconstructionE. MerschrodMay 2014
Dlamini, Steven C.Age-related differences in thrombin generation using a mathematical modelS. BungayOctober 2013
Baksh, Md. Al-AminPredictive accident modeling through Bayesian NetworkV. Gadag & F. KhanMay 2013
Hasan Syed MahmudulExpertFTA:  An Expert's Knowledge-based software tool for Fault Tree AnalysisF. KhanOctober 2012
Hemmati, VahidMonte Carlo Simulations of the ABC-Stacked Kagome Spin Structure of XY and Heisenberg ModelsM. Plumer & J. WhiteheadMay 2012
Royle, AdamInvestigating the Evolution of Globular Clusters in the Milky Way Galaxy Using N-Body SimulationsJ. LewisMay 2012
Normore, JasonAn efficient computational fluid dynamics method for GPUsW. BanzhafMay 2011
Tricco, TerrenceSimulation and visualisation of astrophysical plasmas with smoothed particle magnetohydrodynamicsJ. LewisOctober 2010
Fatemi, MehdiConcurrency in DES and A Class of Hybrid Systems: Theory and computationJ. Millan/S. O'YoungMay 2011
Condran, StephenMicromagnetic simulations of frustrated triangular antiferromagnets: Application to magnetoelectric HoMnO3M. PlumerMay 2009
Kuai, YujingGene prediction by combining outputs from ExonHunter and SGP2W. BanzhafMay 2009
Johansen, BrianNumerical investigations of the Korteweg-de Vries (KdV) equationP. Bording & H. BrunnerOctober 2008
Padina, SebastianA multi-stage genetic algorithm for travel time tomography of flat-layered mediaP. BordingOctober 2008
Howell, CarlIceberg and ship detection and classification in single, dual and quad polarized synthetic aperture radarA. Foster & R. GosineMay 2008
Penney, PeterAn evolutionary algorithm for diagonal sealed preconditioned conjugate gradientG. MiminisMay 2008
Supantri, KushanImproving the two-electron integral computation in MUNgaussR. PoirierMay 2008
Woodrow, JenniferAutomated recognition of Harp seal pups in aerial photographsS. Kocabiyik & G. MannMay 2008
Nahed, FarhanaDominant patterns of interannual variability in the North AtlanticE. DemirovOctober 2007
Mercer, JasonComputational magnetic thin film dynamicsJ. WhiteheadOctober 2007
Gubanov, OlegDesign of CFD code using high level programming paradigms: Free surface flows with arbitrarily moving rigid bodiesS. KocabiyikMay 2007
Hawkin, JohnStochastic dynamics of globular clustersJ. LewisMay 2007
Rose, DoyleNumerical simulations of lung surfactant phosopholipid monolayersV. Booth/K. NagMay 2007
Jehangir, MuhammadInformation extraction on biological, organic and inorganic materials using image processing techniquesE. MerschrodOctober 2006
Perera, T. DilaniThe speedup of distributed iterative solution of systems of linear equationsW. ZuberekMay 2006
Kuo, P. DwightTopology and dynamics of an artificial genetic regulatory network modelW. BanzhafOctober 2005
Lawrence, KarlComputation of unsteady viscous incompressible flow around an obliquely oscillating circular cylinder using a parallelized finite difference algorithmS. KocabiyikOctober 2004
Wanasundara, NalanthaMolecular dynamics simulation of the fully hydrated dipalmitoylphosphatidylcholine (DPPC) bilayerJ. LagowskiMay 2004
Reid, DarrylThe design and implementation of a large scientific code using Fortran 90R. Poirier & R. CharronMay 2003
Tittensor, DerekPopulation distribution of the copepod Calanus finmarchicus in the Labrador Sea: A modelling studyB. de YoungOctober 2002
Deacu, DanielFinite element solution of the two-dimensional incompressible Navier-Stokes equations with Coriolis ForceP. Myers & S. KocabiyikMay 2002
El-Sherbiny, AishaNumerical integration in quantum chemistryR. PoirierMay 2002
Bungay, ShareneOptimization of transition state structures using genetic algorithmsR. PoirierOctober 2000
Pan, WenboReal time human face trackingJ. RobinsonOctober 2000
Shaw, MichelleDesign of a modular Fortran 90 molecular mechanics package for hydrocarbonsJ. Lagowski & R. PoirierOctober 2000


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