M.Sc. Theses

Student Name M.Sc. Thesis Title Supervisor Graduation Date
Arul Jothi, Geena Pollination ecology of native pollinators in the commercial cranberry fields in Newfoundland J. Sircom May 2017
Cook, Melissa Characterization of Sediments and Mussels to Determine if Oil and Metal Contamination is Affecting the Scallop Population in Port au Port Bay, NL P. Morrill May 2017
Kaul, Adrienne Using self-organizing maps to investigate abrupt reductions in Arctic sea ice extent: An application to winter and summer pan-Arctic daily sea level pressure data J. Finnis May 2017
Meredyk, Shawn Physcial Characterization and Benthic Megafauna Distribution and Species Composition on Orphan Knoll and Orphan Seamount, NW Atlantic E. Edinger & D. Piper May 2017
Nimmo, Victoria Katherine Effects of previous tree harvesting on productivity and photosynthetic pigments of mosses in a boreal Black Spruce forest J. Wu & X. Zhu May 2017
Belalov, Nonna Understanding the role of anthropogenic and climate forcing that influence the environment of Hamilton Inlet, Labrador E. Demirov October 2016
Mbakwe, Anulika Blessing Investigating factors that influence the catch rates of Northern Stone Crab (Lithodes maja) B. Favaro & P. Winger October 2016
Shafiei Zadeh, Shirin Toxic metal recovery from spent hydroprocessing catalyst P. Georghiou May 2016
Watton, Eric Coastal geomorphology, processes and erosion at the tourist destination of Ferryland, Newfoundland and Labrador N. Catto May 2016
Dooley, K. Lucas Slow Pyrolysis Biochar from Forestry Residue and Municipal and Farm Wastes: Characterization and Their Use in Greenhouses as a Soil Amendment R. Helleur October 2015
Hemphill, Lindsey Effects of environmental and anthropogenic influences on bacterial growth and community structure in Newfoundland coastal waters R. Rivkin October 2015
Fowler, William Boundary layer velocity structure in a coldwater coral area of Haddock Channel, Southwest Grand Banks L. Zedel October 2014
Wang, Qing Influence of natural organic matter and mineral colloids on arsenic (As) and uranium (U) transport in geological media T. Cheng October 2014
Clarke, Corey Life-long and transgenerational effects of early experience in Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar) D. Fraser & C. Purchase May 2014
Rahman, Mohammad Majibur Metal thin films as SERS substrates for the detection of PAHs E. Merschrod May 2014
Masson, Athena Extratropical transitions in the North Atlantic with special reference to Hurricane Igor N. Catto October 2013
Ramirez Luna, A. Viviana The exclusive fishing zone for the artisanal fishery in Choco Colombia: Origins, development, and consequences for artisanal fisheries and food security B. Neis & D. Schneider October 2013
Posluns, Emma The analysis of temporal and environmental influence on the commercial catch rate of Yellowtail flounder (Limanda ferruginea) R. Gillespie & P. Winger May 2013
Linegar, Anna Palaeo-Environmental History of the Southwestern Black Sea During the Late Holocene: An elemental and stable isotopic study A. Aksu & R. Hiscott October 2012 
Foley, Robert Urban geochemistry of St. John's, Newfoundland, Canada T. Bell June 2012
Munro, Kathrin Boreal owls in Western Newfoundland:  Using local field data to assess home range characteristics and test a habitat suitability index model I. Warkentin June 2012
Seiden, Jennica Bacterial dynamics in ballast water during trans-oceanic voyages of bulk carriers R. Rivkin June 2012
George, E. Marie Organic footprint and composition of particles from marine finfish aquaculture operations Parrish October 2011
Andrews, Catherine Identification of a responsive gene set to evaluate the potential impact of seismic exposure on Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar) inner ear J. Payne/M. Rise May 2011
Best, Sara Hindcasting and forecasting of climatology for Gilbert Bay, Labrador: A Marine Protected Area E. Demirov/J. Wroblewski May 2011
Fequet, Danielle Towards the feasibility of wild-harvesting fruit from native Viburnum species (Adoxaceae) as a sustainable NTFP in Newfoundland (Canada) L. Hermanutz/W. Nicholls May 2011
Skinner, Randolph Development of a predictive spatial distribution model for Erioderma pedicellatum (Boreal felt lichen) for the island of Newfoundland M. Krishnapillai/Y. Wiersma May 2011
Dawe, Jennifer Marine fish, local ecological knowledge, and the Species at Risk Act in Canada: Lessons from the case study of three species of wolffish B. Neis/D. Schneider October 2010
Goetting, Kathryn Is the Newfoundland redfish fishery sustainable? Modelling recovery strategies for two redfish stocks R. Haedrich/M. Wernerheim October 2010
Boa-Antwi, Kofi Impact of pre-dispersal predation by red squirrels (Tamiasciurus hudsonicus) and cone insects on seed productivity of balsam fir (Abies balsamea) in eastern Newfoundland L. Hermanutz/ P. Marino May 2010
Liu, Shanshan Growth rate of the Iceland Scallop Chlamys Islandica in Gilbert Bay, Labrador, a Marine Protected Area J. Wroblewski/ R. Thompson May 2010
Sun, Bei Abundance and composition of heterotrophic prokaryotes in ballast water discharged into Canadian harbors R. Rivkin May 2010
Vivanco, Claudia Optimization of an acid digestion for HFSE analyses using ICP-MS: Application to the assessment on environmental mobility of HFSE and REE in iron ore tailings H. Longerich/J. Hanchar May 2010
Wareham, Vonda Identification, distribution, and conservation of deep-sea corals in Canada's Northwest Atlantic E. Edinger/R. Haedrich May 2010
Callahan, Ashley Harbour survey and genetic analysis of non-indigenous ascidian tunicates in Newfoundland D. Deibel/C. Mckenzie October 2009
Hillier, Lindsay Validating and improving the Canadian Coast Guard Search and Rescue Planning Program (CANSARP) ocean drift theory E. Demirov & F. Davidson May 2009
Janes, David Sill processes in the Saguenay Fjord D. Bourgault May 2009
McFadyen, Catherine A dynamical systems approach to modeling mercury contamination in aquatic food webs A. Foster & R. Anderson May 2009
Martin, Bryan Sill stratigraphy and sedimentology in marine inundated basins, Sachs Harbour, NWT, Canada: Implications for sea-level reconstruction T. Bell May 2009
Nyade, Praise Method development for the determination of trace elements in biological samples as bioindicators: Application to Black Spruce trees H. Longerich & D. Wilton May 2009
Bennett, Elizabeth Annual changes in spatial aggregation of Atlantic cod,Gadus morhua, age classes in NAFO Divisions 2J3KL and 4RS (1978-1994) D. Schneider May 2008
Bishop, Charles Sensor dynamics of autonomous underwater gliders B. de Young & E. Demirov May 2008
Campbell, Stacy Environmental lead exposure in St. John's, Newfoundland T. Bell May 2008
Peng, Wenjun Tide-driven dynamics in Bonne Bay, Newfoundland B. de Young & E. Demirov May 2008
Ryan, Jennifer The environmental impacts of mussel (Mytilus spp.) aquaculture at two Newfoundland sites R. Thompson October 2007
Belliveau, Karissa The impacts of climate change on the coastal geomorphology of Southwestern Banks Island, NWT N. Catto May 2007
Conroy, Dale Marine enhancement options for the North Shore of Prince Edward Island N. Catto May 2007
Hu, Liuming Modeling the resident fish production, the ecosystem carrying capacity and population dynamics for Atlantic cod (Gadus morhua) in Gilbert Bay, Labrador: A Marine Protected Area J. Wroblewski May 2007
Hustins, Sarah Mosquito ecology in relation to land use changes and the potential of West Nile Virus in Newfoundland M. Colbo May 2007
Keats, Kimberley Microbial community structure in the Northwest Atlantic Ocean as determined by fluorescencein situ hybridization R. Rivkin May 2007
Sharan, Rajat A model to calculate energetic returns and an ecological footprint of an industrial fishery with a case study of the 1980s Northwest Atlantic cod fishery R. Haedrich October 2006
Alcock, Erin Decadal changes in food webs of the Newfoundland & Labrador shelf 2J+3KLNO D. Schneider May 2006
Delaney, Leanda Land use patterns, river system dynamics and spawning stress of Barbus in the Mnembo River, Malawi C. Campbell May 2006
Glynn, Tracy Community-Based Research on the Environmental and Human Health Impacts of a Laterite Nickel Mine and Smelter in Sorowako, Indonesia E. Edinger May 2006
Donato, Eddie Climatic setting and phenology of Braya longii and B. fernaldiion the limestone barrens of Northeastern Newfoundland J. Jacobs & T. Bell October 2005
Huelin, Sheldon Determination of trace elements in iron-manganese oxide coatings by laser ablation ICP-MS for environmental monitoring/mineral exploration D. Wilton & H. Longerich May 2005
Cardoso, Diana Modeling variations of the seasonal cycle of plankton production: The Labrador Sea, Labrador Shelf and Hamilton Inlet J. Wroblewski & B. de Young May 2004
Cousineau, Melanie The response of lichens to changes in isotopic composition and concentration of atmospheric sulphur: a reciprocal transplant experiment M. Wadleigh May 2004
Puddister, Deidre Monitoring and assessment of conditions at a diesel oil spill site in Bonne Bay, Newfoundland and tests to determine the relative toxicity of diesel fuel to three marine invertebrate species R. Hooper May 2004
Gamage, Dona Ashoke Use of chitosan for the removal of metal ion contaminants and proteins from water F. Shahidi October 2003
Saravanabhavan, Gurusankar Analysis of steroid hormones as endocrine disruptors in sewage, seawater and mussels using GC-MS techniques R. Helleur October 2003
Srinivas, P.B.T. Sorption of cadmium and nickel from solution by peat and modified peat A. Martin & N. Gogan October 2003
Tucker, Jocelyn Digestion of epiphytic lichens for analysis by ICP-MS, as applied to monitoring atmospheric heavy metals M. Wadleigh & H. Longerich October 2003
van Biesen, Geert Lipid class and fatty acid composition of plankton and settling particles at a fish enclosure and of cod (Gadus morhua) in Gilbert Bay, Labrador C. Parrish & R. Helleur October 2003
Gosse, Karen Utilization of local ecological knowledge in a scientific study of coastal cod in Newfoundland and Labrador J. Wroblewski May 2003
Leawood, Nancy Metal concentrations in mussels from St. John's Harbour, Newfoundland P. Sylvester May 2002
Wells, Nadine Scaling eelgrass complexity in Newman Sound, Newfoundland and applications to fish ecology D. Schneider & R. Gregory May 2002
Palanisamy, Giriprakash A study of heavy metals in soils of the former United States Naval Base, Argentia, Newfoundland N. Gogan October 2001
Taylor, Vivien Trace element fingerprinting of Canadian wines H. Longerich October 2001
Decker, Stephanie Vermicomposting of fish offal (Gadus morhua) mixed withSphagnum peat A. Martin & R. Helleur October 2000
Diegor, Elizabeth Biodegradation of aromatic hydrocarbons: Microbial and isotopic studies T. Abrajano October 2000
Subramanian, Vembu Oceanographic mesoscale features off the West Greenland Coast: Satellite image analysis and B. de Young & J. Helbig October 2000
Xiang, Jianguang High resolution seismic imaging of the near-surface: Comparison of energy resources T. Abrajano & J. Wright October 2000
Yun, Misuk Direct measurement of sulphur isotope composition in lichens by continuous flow isotope ratio mass M. Wadleigh October 2000
Coady, Juanita Undersowing rutabaga with white clover: Effects on the cabbage root maggot and its parasitoids/predators D. Larson May 2000
Cull, Deneen Quantitative comparison of levels of organic wastes from four major sources at four scales along the Newfoundland coastline D. Schneider May 2000
Muthukumarasamy, Sivagurunathan Effect of peat components on microorganisms, with special reference to humic acids A. Martin May 2000
Wiseman, Renee Monitoring changes in the sulphur isotopic composition and concentration of transplanted pendulous epiphytic M. Wadleigh October 1999
Dayan, Hannah Isotopic fractionation of chlorinated ethenes during reductive dehalogenation of zero valent iron T. Abrajano May 1999
Diegor, Wilfredo Development of a high pressure digestion technique and a data acquisition/reduction procedure and their application to the ICP-MS analysis of urban sediments and soils from Cebu, Philippines T. Abrajano & H. Longerich May 1999
LeGrow, Keith Distribution of marine birds in relation to water masses and fronts in the Strait of Belle Isle, Northwest Atlantic Ocean W. Montevecchi May 1999