Recent Theses

Student Name Thesis Title Supervisor Graduation Date
Ph.D. Theses
 Buren, Alejandro The roles of capelin, climate, harp seals and fisheries in the failure of 2J3KL (northern) cod to recover W. Montevecchi & M. Koen-Alonso   May 2015
Kouwenberg, Amy-Lee Using corticosterone to assess the effects of non-breeding season conditions on breeding of Atlantic Puffins (Fratercula arctica) and Rhinoceros Auklets (Cerorhinica monicerata) A. Storey & M. Hipfner May 2015
Regular, Paul Foraging strategies of a pursuit-diving seabird in a dynamic marine environment W. Montevecchi & G. Robertson May 2015
Knickle, D. Craig Niche partitioning in sympatric Greenland cod (Gadus ogac) and Atlantic cod (Gadus morhua) in Coastal Newfoundland G. Rose October 2014
McFarlane Tranquilla, Laura Ecological Segregation of Murres (Uria Lomvia, Uria aalge) during the nonbreeding season in the Northwest Atlantic Ocean W. Montevecchi May 2014
Moreau, Darek Potential for ecological effects and gene flow resulting from growth hormone transgenic Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar) interactions with wild conspecifics I. Fleming & G. Fletcher October 2011
Abgrall, Patrick Defining critical habitat for large whales in Newfoundland and Labrador waters - Design and assessment of a step-by-step protocol J. Lien & D. Schneider May 2009
Benjamins, Steven Incidental catch of large marine vertebrates in gillnet fisheries in Newfoundland and Labrador J. Lien, J. Lawson & D. Schneider May 2007
Chaulk, Keith Spatial and temporal ecology of a Colonial Waterbird: The distribution and abundance of nesting Common Eiders in Labrador W. Montevecchi & G. Robertson October 2006
Lewis, Keith Processes underlying nest predation by introduced Red squirrels (Tamiasciurus hudsonicus) in the boreal forest of Newfoundland W. Montevecchi May 2005
Robertson, Martha Winter movement, activity and habitat use of Atlantic salmon Salmo salar L. parr in Newfoundland J. Brown & D. Scruton May 2004
Wilhelm, Sabina Behavioural and physiological responses to varying breeding conditions in Common murres (uria aalge): Exploring inter-annual variability within individuals A. Storey & D. McKay May 2004
Winger, Paul Effect of environmental conditions on the natural activity rhythms and bottom trawl catchability of Atlantic cod (Gadus morhua) J. Brown & S. Walsh May 2004
M.Sc. Theses
Kelly, Dion Potential impact of invasive anuran species in Western Newfoundland I. Warkentin May 2016
Howse, Melissa Exploring the social behaviour of domestic dogs (Canis familiaris) in a public off-leash dog park R. Anderson & C. Walsh October 2015
Ryan, Morag Interspecific Attachment: Social bonds between humans and their 'Best Friends' A. Storey & C. Walsh October 2015
Rae, Lauren F. Assessing the impacts of moose-induced habitat change on a forest bird community I. Warkentin May 2015
Unger, Katherine Behavioural responses of Newfoundland Woodland Caribou to predator cues R. Anderson & C. Walsh May 2015
Adcock, Sarah The relations between stress, social rank, personality, and cognitive performance in Yucatan minipigs (Sus scrofa) G. Martin & C. Walsh October 2014
Simms, Michelle E. Maternal effects of migration on sympatric offspring of resident and anadromous Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar) I. Fleming October 2014
Connelly, Emily Seabird habitat in the Gulf of Maine W. Montevecchi May 2014
Ingram, Matthew Disorienting the rat: Do lesions to the DTN and the LMN cause rats (Rattus norvegicus) to lose their way? D. Skinner & C. Thorpe October 2013
Takahashi, Linda Communication during co-attendance time in Common murre (Uria aalge) pairs during chick rearing A. Storey & C. Walsh October 2013
Zimmermann, Emily Escape-related behaviour of Atlantic cod (Gadus morhua) motivation to escape from sea cages and spatiotemporal dispersal post-escape I. Fleming & C. Purchase May 2013
Tomlin, Julian Location, but not cue, changes help to reduce interference between competing responses G. Martin & S. Wright June 2012 
Underwood, Melanie The use of a high definition (HD) underwater camera to observe the behaviour of yellowtail flounder (Limanda ferruginea) in the mouth of a commercial bottom trawl P. Winger June 2012
Fifield, David Winter areas and migratory tactics of Northern Gannets (Morus bassanus) breeding in North America W. Montevecchi & G. Robertson October 2011 
Rector, Megan Atlantic puffin (Fratercula arctica) parent-offspring behaviour & condition under varying nutritional constraints A. Storey & C. Walsh May 2011
Collins, Roanne Long-term effects of marine reserve protection on the population structure, density, and reproductive potential of the American lobster (Homarus americanus) in Bonavista Bay, Newfoundland J. Lien & D. Schneider October 2010
Fry, Sheena Fight and flee: Caste decisions during an invasion T. Chapman October 2010
Knickle, Craig Spawning patterns and retention and dispersal of early life stages of Atlantic cod (Gadus morhua) in a Newfoundland fjord G. Rose May 2009
Ryan, Mary Between-patch movement behaviour of juvenile Atlantic cod (Gadus morhua) R. Gregory & P. Snelgrove May 2009
Smith, Caryn Snag longevity and availability for cavity-nesters in post-harvest landscapes in western Newfoundland I. Warkentin May 2009
Kouwenberg, Amy-Lee Episodic-like memory in pure-bred and cross-bred Yucatan minipigs (Sus scrofa) C. Walsh October 2008
Burke, Chantelle Comparative foraging ecology of parental Common murres and Atlantic puffins in response to forage fish availability W. Montevecchi May 2008
Logan, Matthew Fatty acid analysis of the diet of Leach's Storm Petrels W. Montevecchi May 2008
Soulliere, Colleen Anti-predator behaviour of maternal caribou (Rangifer tarandus) in West-Central Newfoundland T. Miller & S. Mahoney May 2008
Buren, Alejandro Modelling the link between prey availability and diet: Common murre-capelin interaction during the breeding season W. Montevecchi & M. Koen-Alonso October 2007
Lewis, Christopher Predator-mediated habitat use by juvenile white hake (Urophycis tenuis) and Greenland cod (Gadus ogac) R. Gregory & I. Fleming October 2007
Brock, Hope Leatherback turtles (Dermochelys coriacea) in Newfoundland and Labrador: Distribution, diet, threats and the use of education in recovery efforts J. Lien, J. Lawson, D. Schneider October 2006
Thistle, Maria Density and risk-sensitive foraging of juvenile gadids in relation to fractal complexity of eelgrass (Zostera marina) habitat D. Schneider October 2006
Schneider, Jennifer Exploration of the acoustic structure and contextual occurrence of affiliative vocalization of Red wolves (Canus rufus) R. Anderson May 2005
Sheridan, Mackenzie Determining pregnancy status of extant and ancient whales by quantifying progesterone in blubber biopsies and bone J. Lien May 2004
Cameron, Maureen Sex-specific growth and pre- and post-hatching patterns of sex allocation in Murres (Uria SPP.) and Atlantic puffins (Fratercula Arctica) A. Storey October 2003
Chaffey, Heather Integrating scientific knowledge and local ecological knowledge (LEK) about Common eiders (Somateria mollissima) in Southern Labrador W. Montevecchi & B. Neis October 2003
Delahunty, Krista M. Hormonal indicators of paternal care in humans: A longitudinal study of first-time parents A. Storey October 2003
Walsh, Stephanie Harp seals (Pagophilus groenlandicus) solve two-choice visual discriminations, using learned object valence, and a conditional cue G. Martin & D. Skinner October 2003
Nordeen, Carrie The effects of high amplitude acoustic deterrents on the distribution, abundance and behavior of baleen whales J. Lien May 2003