Research Resources Within the Faculty

Research Funding Advice

Faculty are welcome to arrange a time to meet and discuss their research and funding plans, advice on finding additional research funding.

Contacts: Associate Dean (Research & Graduate), Faculty of Science, C-2001, 4752; Dr. Lynn Frizzell, Grants Facilitation Officer, Faculty of Science, C-2061B, 864-4458; Dr. Jenn Major, Grants Facilitation Officer, Faculty of Science, C-2061A, 864-2269.

Mentoring Program for New Faculty

In-house review of the content and effectiveness of proposals for NSERC discovery grants. This is organized like the review process at a refereed journal, but with the door open to a mentoring relation. The associate dean, like a journal editor, finds reviewers, aided by department heads. Reviewers are asked to examine proposals near their area of expertise; they can either reveal themselves to the proposal writer or choose to remain anonymous by passing along their review to the associate dean. Every attempt is made to find two reviewers, although sometimes this is not possible. The associate dean passes along reviewers comments and sometimes adds additional comments. As part of this program new faculty are encouraged to seek out review of proposals from colleagues in their department or field of interest.

Contact: Associate Dean (Research & Graduate), Faculty of Science, C-2001, 864-4752.

Research Grant Facilitation

Applicants are encouraged to contact the grants facilitation officer to request advice/feedback on grant applications. This can be a review of either a complete application or components of a grant application, i.e. budget, proposal. Reviews take into consideration the funding agency application instructions, evaluation criteria, program objectives, and overall application clarify coherence (based on experiential knowledge). New first time applicants and renewal applicants to the NSERC Discovery Grant competition are encouraged to request a review at least 10 working days prior to (and preferably before) the deadline date set by the granting agency. [The Grants Facilitation Officer is the point of contact for faculty signature during major grant competitions (i.e. NSERC DG and RTI competitions).] Faculty may also seek input at the grant application development stage, especially with the development and facilitation of individual and interdisciplinary/inter-institutional team grant applications which may or may not require institutional commitments.

Contact: Dr. Lynn Frizzell, Grants Facilitation Officer, Faculty of Science, C-2061B, 864-4458; Dr. Jenn Major, Grants Facilitation Officer, Faculty of Science, C-2061A, 864-2269.

Faculty of Science Annual NSERC Discovery Grant Information Session and Other Research Information Sessions

In early September, faculty, whose research area is in the natural sciences, and who have indicated their intent to apply to the NSERC Discovery Grant competition, are invited to attend an in-house Faculty of Science Discovery Grant Information Session. This session will be an opportunity for applicants to receive updated NSERC competition information, including new changes. Information and advice will be provided by a faculty member who is presenting serving on, or who has recently served on, an NSERC Discovery Grant and Research and Instruments Evaluation Committee. The session will also be an opportunity to review application parts requiring improvements, best practices, etc. Internal processes and deadline dates for acquiring internal approvals (from departments and the Faculty of Science), and for institutional electronic approval (from Research Grant and Contract Services) will also be provided.

[Faculty of Science Discovery Grant Information Session is open to non-Science applicants. Conversely, although the Office of the Dean of Science does not hold separate annual information sessions for faculty applying to the fall CIHR Open Operating and SSHRC Insight (formerly called Standard) operating grants competitions, eligible faculty whose research is in the social or health science areas will be encouraged to attend open sessions at Memorial; ex. SSHRC sessions coordinated by the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences.

From time to time, the Faculty of Science will coordinate open grant information sessions with external funding agencies; i.e. NSERC Atlantic on partnership programs with industry; i.e. Interact Grants and Engage Grants, Industrial USRAs and Industrial PDFs; MITACS; PRAC, etc.

The Dean of Science Office will also provide faculty with information and internal deadlines for major research programs administered by the Research Grant and Contract Services on behalf of Memorial’s vice-president, Research.]

Contacts: Associate Dean (research & graduate), Faculty of Science, C-2001, 864-4752; Dr. Lynn Frizzell, Grants Facilitation Officer, Faculty of Science, C-2061B, 864-4458; Dr. Jenn Major, Grants Facilitation Officer, Faculty of Science, C-2061A, 864-2269.

Communication of Research Successes from the Faculty of Science

Articles on research interests and success stories within the Faculty of Science are generated and disseminated by the faculty communications advisor.

Contact: Kelly Foss, Communications Advisor, 864-2019, 699-3788.