Scholarships for undergraduate students

Changes to scholarship eligibility for 2021-22

The criteria for scholarship standing for new and returning undergraduate students has been revised for the 2021-22 scholarship year. If you have questions, email

There are many scholarships available to undergraduate students currently enrolled at Memorial.

Most of the scholarships are awarded on a recommendation from the academic unit. Students should declare a faculty and/or major as early as possible if they wish to be considered for certain faculty-specific undergraduate scholarships.

NOTE: Applications are only needed where stated in the description.

Scholarship standing

Scholarship standing for the 2021-2022 scholarship year for undergraduate students is defined as a 75% average over the previous scholarship year and the successful completion of not less than 30 credit hours over that period. In considering students who complete more than 30 credit hours, the average on the actual number of credit hours taken will be reviewed.

Students who fail one or more courses during the previous scholarship year regardless of the number of courses completed, will not be eligible for scholarships.

Scholarship standing for co-op students

For the 2021-2022 scholarship year, for students who do not meet the above definition because of scheduled internships or equivalent or work terms, scholarship standing is defined as a 75% average on the academic work completed in the previous scholarship year in which they must have been enrolled as regular full-time Co-op students. Those who fail an academic course, internship or equivalent, or work term during the previous scholarship year will not be eligible for scholarships.

First class standing

Defined as having a 3.5 out of 4.0 GPA at the end of the two semesters being considered for scholarship standing. Not all students who meet the above definitions of scholarship standing will receive a scholarship.

Transfer students

Students transferring to Memorial University of Newfoundland from Universities/Colleges in Canada which are members of Universities Canada and who meet scholarship standing as defined by Memorial University of Newfoundland will be eligible for undergraduate scholarships in the year in which they transfer. Such students must notify the Scholarships, Bursaries and Awards Office in writing of their intention to transfer and provide a complete transcript for the year in question.