Review of Memorial University's Intellectual Property Policy

Memorial University is currently reviewing its Intellectual Property (IP) Policy that was approved by the Board of Regents in 2008.

During the consultations carried out when developing the Technology Transfer and Commercialization Strategy, “the IP Policy was identified as a barrier to developing collaborative relationships with industry partners. Both internal and external stakeholders suggested that Memorial should revise its strategy for managing IP. As well, many participants suggested that the University could exercise greater flexibility when negotiating IP rights.” Furthermore, “during consultations, there was a repeated call for Memorial to adopt a “creator-owned” policy model, and it has been suggested by some participants that institutions with IP policies that assign ownership to the “creator” are generally more innovative, and friendly to the private sector."

In addition to the existing Intellectual Property Policy, there are provisions for IP in the collective agreements with a number of unions, including the Memorial University of Newfoundland Faculty Association (MUNFA), the Lecturers' Union of Memorial University of Newfoundland (LUMUN), and Teaching Assistants' Union of Memorial University of Newfoundland (TAUMUN). Furthermore, the School of Graduate Studies has adopted guidelines related to IP, while the Marine Institute has established practices for IP management.

The process of consultation to develop a new IP Policy is underway and a draft creator-owned policy, and associated procedures and supporting documents, can be found below:

  1. Draft Policy on Intellectual Property
  2. Draft Procedures for the Transfer and Commercialization of Intellectual Propert
  3. Draft Intellectual Property Disclosure Form
  4. Draft Disclaimer and Indemnification Form
  5. Draft Frequently Asked Questions Page

The draft documents will be available for review and feedback until April 7, 2017. Input from within Memorial and from the broader community is welcome. The policy and related documents will be revised based on input received during the consultation period and the final policy will go to Senate and the Board of Regents for approval.

Further updates and information regarding the consultation process will be made available on this webpage.

Contact information:
Office of the Vice-President (Research)