Oceans, Fisheries and Aquaculture

Research related to the maritime environment, the interaction of coastal people and communities with the ocean and maritime environment, and the scientific, technological and organizational requirements of industrial development in this environment, particularly relating to conditions in the North Atlantic. Fishery and aquaculture, more specifically, include fresh water and marine fish biology and environments and scientific, technological and organizational aspects of fishery and aquaculture industry development, and their related social, community, environmental and public policy characteristics.

Key research areas include cultures and societies around the North Atlantic Rim, and how they interact with the ocean and ocean industries, including economic and political agreements and relationships; technologies for natural resource development, transportation, and safety and survival in harsh, remote locations, and the geography and ecology of North Atlantic marine, terrestrial and ice environments; fundamental research in biology, ecology, environmental science, and ocean science; climate change; fisheries conservation and resource management; aquaculture and seafood development; food processing technology and processes to support industry development; research related to the people, organizations, history, economics and policies pertaining to fisheries and aquaculture; deep water and harsh environment marine and petroleum activity; and business development and marketing associated with fisheries and oceans industries.

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