Guiding Principles

  • Valuing and supporting the freedom of researchers to pursue research excellence that is based on their individual and collective intelligence, curiosity, ingenuity and creativity.
  • Valuing and supporting all aspects of research including scholarship and creative activities, as well as the translation of knowledge into products, practices and policies, and other forms of community engagement.
  • Valuing and supporting Memorial's special obligation to the people of Newfoundland and Labrador by supporting and building capacity for research excellence that:
    • Addresses needs and opportunities for our province,
    • Engages our researchers on matters of national and international significance,
    • Contributes to Memorial's teaching and learning environment through academic programs of national and international caliber.
  • Valuing and supporting overarching research themes that cut across academic units and address significant opportunities and challenges for which Memorial is particularly well-positioned to build nationally and internationally recognized research capacity.