Internal Steering Committee

Academic Deans and Directors (or their delegates) formed a Steering Committee to provide diverse external perspectives on the planning process and the draft Research Strategy.

This group provided leadership for discussions within their faculties and schools, as did the heads at the Grenfell Campus and the Marine Institute. The initial input was rolled up to identify emerging research themes and opportunities, as well as areas where improvements are required in the general support of research.

Steering Committee Membership

Mark Abrahams  Dean, Faculty of Science
Antony Card  Former Dean, School of Human Kinetics and Recreation
Alice Collins  Former Dean, Faculty of Education
Mary Courage  Associate Dean, Research & Graduate, Faculty of Science
Mohsen Daneshtalab  Associate Dean, Graduate Studies and Research, School of Pharmacy
Carrie Dyck  Associate Dean, Research and Graduate Programs, Faculty of Arts
Grant Gardner  Associate Vice-President (Academic)
Linda Hensman  Dean, School of Pharmacy
Judith McFetridge-Durdle  Dean, School of Nursing
Ivan Muzychka  Former Associate Director (Communications)
Penny Moody-Corbett  Former Associate Dean of Research and Graduate Studies, Faculty of Medicine
Doreen Neville  Associate Vice-President (Academic)
Ron Newhook  Director, Office of Research and Development, Fisheries &  Marine Institute
Ellen Oliver  Former Director, School of Social Work
Jeffrey Parsons  Associate Dean, Research, Faculty of Business Administration
Holly Pike  Former Principal, Grenfell Campus
John Quaicoe  Former Dean, Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science (acting)
Lisa Rankin  Interim Dean, Faculty of Arts
Peter Rans  Director, Co-operative Education
James Rourke  Dean, Faculty of Medicine
Noel Roy  Former Dean, Faculty of Arts, (acting)
Tim Seifert  Associate Dean, Graduate Programs, Faculty of Education
Shirley Solberg  Associate Dean, Graduate Programs and Research, School of Nursing
Brian Veitch  Former Associate Dean, Research, Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science
Ellen Waterman  Director, School of Music
Wilfred Zerbe  Dean, Faculty of Business Administration