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"A sense of curiosity is nature's original school of education."
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A fine fellow

{Qasem Al-Mdallal}
Qasem Al-Mdallal

Memorial student Qasem Al-Mdallal will head off to Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) as one of three students at Canadian universities who have received Young Researcher Fellowships.

Designed to encourage graduate students to participate in Massachusetts Institute of Technology's Conference on Computational Fluid and Solid Mechanics, this fellowship has been awarded to students all over the world. Al-Mdallal, a doctoral candidate in applied mathematics, is delighted with the honour. "This is a big conference in our area, so an award such as this means a lot."

Al-Mdallal's supervisor, Dr. Serpil Kocabiyik, feels that the award could not have gone to a more deserving student.

"Qasem is one of the top students in our department," she said. "He is extremely conscientious, has an excellent reputation and a passionate interest in research."

She sees Al-Mdallal's theoretical background as a boon to applied mathematical research. "His strong background in analysis will allow him to make a major contribution to fluid dynamics problems."

Aside from the opportunity to present his paper — Flow Induced By Superposed Oscillations of a Circular Cylinder — to an international audience of academics, the award means that Al-Mdallal's work will be published in the conference proceedings, an opportunity not often afforded to graduate students. He also sees this as a chance to do some networking with others in his field. "It's a good opportunity to find people from other institutions related to my area, with whom I can do future research."

The MIT Young Researcher Fellowship provides all travel expenses, conference fees, accommodation, and a certificate. In addition, awardees present papers at the conference and are published in the prestigious conference proceedings.

{Memorial University of Newfoundland}