Office of the Registrar
Faculty of Medicine (2010/2011)
9 Regulations for the Degree of Doctor of Medicine
9.1 Admission to the Faculty of Medicine
  1. All applications for entry to the program of studies leading to the Doctor of Medicine (M.D.) degree are dealt with by the Admissions Office of the Faculty of Medicine and must be submitted to that office on or before the closing date (normally October 15th). No application received after this date will be considered. An application processing fee of $75.00 is required from all applicants.

  2. Applications are reviewed after the closing date by the Admissions Committee of the Faculty of Medicine. This Committee has the delegated authority of the Faculty Council to admit or decline to admit students, following guidelines and procedures acceptable to that Council.

  3. Admissions will normally be to the first year of medical studies. In exceptional circumstances, admission with advanced standing may be offered.

  4. Entry to medical school is on the basis of competition for a fixed number of places. The Admissions Committee takes account of an applicant's academic background, performance on the Medical College Admissions Test (MCAT) and information on an applicant's personal characteristics and achievements as given by the applicant, by referees' reports and, in some cases, by personal interviews. Age by itself is not used as a basis for selection or rejection. Both age and the length of time away from full-time studies may be taken into consideration. The residency status of each applicant at the time of the closing date for application (normally October 15) will be determined by guidelines established by the Admissions Committee and approved by Faculty Council. For each candidate, the residency status determined at that time will apply throughout the admissions process and the period of undergraduate medical education. Priority is given to applicants who are bona fide residents of this province.

  5. The Admissions Committee's decision to admit or decline to admit an applicant will be made on the basis of the competition for entry in the year of application and will be determined by the Committee's judgement of the likelihood of an applicant succeeding in the academic and professional studies leading to the award of the M.D. and in the eventual practice of medicine.

  6. To be eligible for admission, an applicant shall have completed a bachelor’s degree including the prerequisite subjects of 6 credit hours in English at a recognized university or university college before admission.

    In exceptional circumstances an application may be considered from someone who does not expect to hold a bachelor’s degree at the time of admission. Such an applicant will have completed at least 60 credit hours including the prerequisite subjects of 6 credit hours in English at a recognized university or university college before admission and be a student who has work-related or other experience acceptable to the Admissions Committee.

    No application will be considered from a candidate who cannot produce evidence that the above requirements have been met or will have been met by the time of entry to the Medical School.

    In addition, all applicants must write the MCAT prior to the application deadline. The MCAT should be written within the preceding five years of the date of application.

  7. Applicants need to be aware of the policy related to Essential Skills and Abilities Required for the Study of Medicine. This policy outlines essential skills and abilities needed to succeed in the M.D. program and it includes technical standards for students in the program and information for students with disability. This information is available on the Faculty of Medicine’s website at

  8. Each applicant is responsible for ensuring that all the required information on the application form, e.g. transcripts, MCAT scores, referee’s reports, is supplied to the Admissions Committee, and for providing any further information required by this Committee. An application is not considered complete until these documents have been received.

  9. The Admissions Committee may request that a candidate attend an interview.

  10. Notification of the Committee's decision will be made to candidates by letter signed by, or on behalf of, the Chair of the Admissions Committee. No other form of notification can be considered to be official.

  11. The letter of acceptance will give the successful applicant fourteen (14) days in which to confirm that he/she will accept the place offered. The signed intention to accept the offered place must be accompanied by a deposit of $200.00 which will be credited towards tuition fees. The deposit will be forfeited if the applicant subsequently declines the place.

    If no reply to the offer of a place is received within fourteen days, the offer by the Faculty of Medicine will be withdrawn on the appropriate date, and the applicant will be informed of this by letter.

  12. In order to register, applicants who have been accepted as international students will be required to sign a document indicating that they will pay differential fees throughout the undergraduate medical program and that they will have the status of non-Canadians in the postgraduate matching process.

  13. The Admissions Committee, at its discretion, may grant deferral of admission for one year to a maximum of two successful applicants in the first round of offers for any one admission cycle. An applicant must request a deferred entry at the time of responding to an offer of admission. The first round of offers are normally confirmed by mid-May and requests for deferral are considered by mid-June.

  14. Successful applicants must normally complete a certified Basic Cardiac Life Support course before beginning medical school.

  15. Unsuccessful applicants who wish to reapply for admission are required to submit the application forms relevant to the year of re-application and will be required to enter the competition in that year. An unsuccessful applicant can meet with the Assistant Dean for Admissions or the Admissions Officer to discuss reapplying prior to the deadline for submission of a new application (normally October 15).

  16. An unsuccessful applicant has the right to appeal against the decision of the Admissions Committee not to offer him/her a place, if it is felt by the applicant that the decision was reached on grounds other than those specified in Clauses 1-4 above. The appeal should be made in writing within fourteen days of the notification of the decision and should be directed to the Dean of Medicine. The letter should state clearly and fully the grounds for the appeal. If the Dean of Medicine, in consultation with the Registrar, judges the grounds to be sufficient, the formal appeals mechanism will be initiated.