Office of the Registrar
General Information (2010/2011)
10 Distance Education and Learning Technologies (DELT)
  • Director
  • Vaughan, A.M., B.A., B.Ed., Memorial, M.A. British Columbia
  • Associate Director, Learning Technologies and Media Design
  • Wells, R., B.Sc.(Hons.), M.Ed. Memorial
  • Manager, Operations
  • Langdon, J., B.Comm.(Co-op) Memorial, CGA
  • Manager, Instructional Development Office
  • Dunne, M., B.A., B.Ed., M.Ed. Memorial, Ph.D. OISE/UT
  • Administrative Staff
  • Mahon, P., Secretary
  • Porter, C., Administrative Staff Specialist

Distance Education and Learning Technologies (DELT) is responsible for the design, development and delivery of credit courses and degree programs via distance; advancement and support of e-learning throughout the University; and support for students and faculty in the use and application of technologies for effective teaching and learning. Through its activities DELT connects students across the province, the country and the world that have limited educational opportunities due to time and location. It also works to enhance, promote and support an e-learning vision throughout the institution. DELT strives to provide faculties and departments with the e-learning expertise and knowledge needed to progress the University's mandate in expanding and improving its online education delivery. A Memorandum of Understanding with the Department of Education's Centre for Distance Learning and Innovation (CDLI), who deliver distance education to K-12 students, allows DELT to share knowledge and information and prepare for the incoming university student.

10.1 Distance Education

Distance Education and Learning Technologies (DELT) offers approximately 400 courses – all of which are web-based – to approximately 17,000 course registrants annually. Courses are available in various disciplines in 10 faculties and schools with complete undergraduate and graduate degrees available via distance including bachelors’ degrees in arts (Bachelor of Arts (English major), Bachelor of Arts (Police Studies)), business (Bachelor of Business Administration), maritime studies (Bachelor of Maritime Studies), nursing (Bachelor of Nursing (Post RN)), and technology (Bachelor of Technology); Masters’ degrees are offered in education (Master of Education (Information Technology), Master of Education (Post-Secondary)), human kinetics and recreation (Master of Physical Education), and nursing (Master of Nursing). Courses are delivered via the Internet, however, some courses include print materials (i.e. manual, readings, textbooks), CD/video/DVD programs and web conferencing sessions.