Office of the Registrar
Faculty of Science (2018/2019)
12.12 Science


Safety in the Scientific Laboratory

introduces students to safety practices required for working in science laboratories where hazards are present. Students complete individual online modules in Laboratory Safety and WHIMIS. Normally, it will be taken before the start of the semester in which students take their first science laboratory course with this prerequisite, and it must be completed no later than the first Friday of the semester. Check department lists of courses to see where this is a prerequisite.

CH: 0

OR: only offered online; completion time estimated to be two hours

AR = Attendance requirement; CH = Credit hours are 3 unless otherwise noted; CO = Co-requisite(s); CR = Credit can be retained for only one course from the set(s) consisting of the course being described and the course(s) listed; LC = Lecture hours per week are 3 unless otherwise noted; LH = Laboratory hours per week; OR = Other requirements of the course such as tutorials, practical sessions, or seminars; PR = Prerequisite(s); UL = Usage limitation(s).