Office of the Registrar
Faculty of Nursing (2019/2020)
4 Description of Program

All courses of the Faculty are designated by the abbreviation NURS.

4.1 Bachelor of Nursing (Collaborative) Program

The Faculty of Nursing offers an undergraduate program leading to a Bachelor of Nursing. This Program is designed to prepare competent entry-level nurses who will function within a variety of health care settings. The graduate is prepared to assume the roles of direct care giver, educator, counsellor, advocate, facilitator, co-ordinator of care, researcher, leader, and member of the nursing profession. The Program is guided by a mission, philosophy and conceptual framework which direct the curriculum as students progress toward competent entry-level nursing practice.

To meet the licensing requirements for practising nursing in Canada, students must graduate from an approved program offered by a Faculty of Nursing and successfully write the National Council Licensure Examination for Registered Nurses (NCLEX-RN). During the program, students may be required to buy resources that are endorsed by the Faculty to prepare for the exam and integrated into courses throughout the curriculum. In the final year of the Program, students must also complete a comprehensive examination set by the Bachelor of Nursing (Collaborative) Program. All costs associated with these resources and exams are the responsibility of the student.

The Bachelor of Nursing (Collaborative) Program (B.N.) has two full-time curriculum options: a 4-Year Option and a 3-year Accelerated Option. Both are guided by the same conceptual framework and leveled objectives. A two-year Fast Track Option is in its final year of delivery. The Program also has an Licensed Practical Nursing Bridging (LPN) admission option directly into the second year of the Program’s 4-Year Option for prospective students who have completed a LPN program as outlined under Admission Regulations for the Faculty of Nursing.

This Bachelor of Nursing (Collaborative) Program is offered at Memorial University of Newfoundland Faculty of Nursing, the Centre for Nursing Studies, and the Western Regional School of Nursing. Information regarding Memorial University of Newfoundland Faculty of Nursing is available at Information regarding the Centre for Nursing Studies is available at, and information regarding the Western Regional School of Nursing is available at the Western Regional School of Nursing website.

4.1.1 Bachelor of Nursing (Collaborative) 4-Year Option

The 4-Year Option is offered over nine semesters in four academic years. This option is comprised of 123 credit hours, and is open to applicants from both high school and university backgrounds. It should be noted that the Winter semester of the second and fourth years of the program extends beyond the normal University class end date in their respective semesters as outlined in the University Diary.

4.1.2 Bachelor of Nursing (Collaborative) Accelerated Option

The Accelerated Option is designed for students with well-developed university-level study skills and prior completion of at least 60 credit hours in university level courses. This full-time Option is comprised of 106 credit hours taken over eight consecutive semesters. This Option is offered at Memorial University of Newfoundland Faculty of Nursing and Western Regional School of Nursing.

4.1.3 Bachelor of Nursing (Collaborative) Fast-Track Option

The Bachelor of Nursing (Collaborative) Fast-Track Option is currently being phased out and is not available for new admissions.