Office of the Registrar
School of Music (2019/2020)
6.6 Musicologies Major

To be awarded the degree of Bachelor of Music in Musicologies, a candidate shall comply with the School’s regulations, and successfully complete a minimum of 123 credit hours, including 55 credit hours in the Core Program. The remaining 68 credit hours will be chosen as follows:

  1. Music 340A/B, 440A/B

  2. Music 4095

  3. Fifteen additional credit hours beyond the 2000 level in Musicologies.

  4. Six credit hours chosen from Anthropology, Canadian Studies, European Studies, Folklore, Gender Studies, History, Law and Society, Medieval Studies, Newfoundland and Labrador Studies, Philosophy, Political Science, Psychology, Religious Studies, and/or Sociology.

  5. Twelve additional credit hours chosen from music courses beyond the 1000 level including:

    1. A maximum of 4 credit hours from Music 2611-2614, 2619, 2620, and 263A/B, in addition to those listed under the Core Program.

    2. A maximum of 5 credit hours from Music 2615, 2616, 2617, 265A/B, 3500, the former 3510, 3511-3518 in addition to those listed under the Core Program.

    3. No more than one of Music 2021, 2022 and 2023.

  6. Twenty-four credit hours chosen from disciplines other than Music and Music Education, including at least 6 credit hours from courses in English, designated Critical Reading and Writing (CRW) courses, and/or former Research/Writing (R/W) courses and at least 6-credit hours in a language or languages other than English.