Office of the Registrar
School of Graduate Studies (2022/2023)
37.3 Program of Study and Research
  1. Every student in the Master of Science in Maritime Studies (Safety: The Human Element) program shall be required to complete all of:

    1. 12 credit hours of core course work, including MARI 6000, MARI 6001, MARI 6002, and MARI 6003;

    2. 3 credit hours of course work relevant to the student’s research area and chosen in consultation with the supervisor; and

    3. a thesis composed of at least one manuscript of original research.

  2. Students may be required by their Supervisory Committee to take additional courses.

  3. All program course requirements should be completed within four semesters from the date of first registration in the M.Sc. degree program. Students will normally complete course requirements in their first three semesters.

  4. Within three months of the first registration in the M.Sc. degree program, the student will meet with their Supervisory Committee. A meeting report, signed by all members of the Supervisory Committee and student, must be given to the Academic Unit. A copy will be sent to the graduate student and to the Dean of Graduate Studies. Subsequent meetings must occur at least annually, with a report filed after each meeting.

  5. The student shall complete a written thesis proposal that is approved by the Supervisor and Supervisory Committee and normally submitted within twelve months of the first registration in the M.Sc. degree program. The proposal shall be provided to the Head for inclusion in the student’s file.

  6. The student must present a thesis seminar of 20-30 minutes duration prior to submission of the thesis to the School of Graduate Studies.

  7. Theses shall conform to General Regulation Theses and Reports of the School of Graduate Studies.