Office of the Registrar
School of Graduate Studies (2022/2023)
33.3 Program Requirements
  1. Students admitted to the program must complete a research thesis under the supervision of a faculty member or members, and a minimum of four courses (12 credit hours) as determined by the thesis supervisor. Three courses are selected from four core courses. A fourth course can be selected from a list of optional courses.

  2. All students must complete three core courses:

    • BEAS 6000 - Issues in Boreal Ecosystems and Agricultural Sciences (3 credit hours). This course will initially be offered during the Fall semester.

    • BEAS 600A/B - Graduate Research Seminar (3 credit hours). Students will normally register for BEAS 600A in the Fall semester and BEAS 600B in the following Winter semester. A grade of NC (No Grade Expected) will be assigned to BEAS 600A.

  3. Students must also complete one of the two following courses: BEAS 6002 - Advanced Quantitative Research Methods for the Natural Sciences or BEAS 6003 - Advanced Quantitative Research Methods for the Social Sciences (3 credit hours).

  4. A further 3 credit hours will be accumulated in elective courses related to the student’s research area. Students should view Table 1 Research Areas and Sample Elective Courses for suggestions.

    Table 1 Research Areas and Sample Elective Courses

    Economics & Social Science

    Plant Science

    Soil and Land Resource

    Water Resources

    • BEAS 6010 Agriculture and Forestry Economics
    • BEAS 6020 Management of Crop Nutrition
    • BEAS 6021 Organic Farming for Sustainable Agriculture
    • BEAS 6022 Plant Biochemistry
    • BEAS 6023 Plant Physiology
    • BEAS 6030 Chemical Speciation Modeling for Environmental Matrices
    • BEAS 6031 Soil Functions: Soil as a Bioreactor
    • BEAS 6032 Environmental Soil Physics
    • BEAS 6033 Soil and Water Conservation
    • BEAS 6040 Advanced Groundwater Management
    • BEAS 6041 Applied Hydrology
    • BEAS 6042 Soil and Groundwater Remediation