Office of the Registrar
School of Graduate Studies (2019/2020)
25.2 Program of Study and Research
  1. The Degree of Master of Physical Education is offered under two options:

    Option 1. The program shall consist of a minimum of 12 credit hours in graduate courses plus a thesis. The thesis shall be on an approved subject in which systematic research has been conducted by the student under the direction of the Supervisor.

    Option 2. The program shall consist of a minimum of 24 credit hours in graduate courses plus a comprehensive examination in the student's major area of study.

  2. The student's major area of study shall be Administration, Curriculum, and Supervision in Physical Education.

    In conjunction and collaboration with other Faculties and Schools of Memorial University of Newfoundland, students may pursue their special interests through an interdisciplinary course of study. The student's interests may be accommodated through individual reading and research in these special areas.

  3. The required courses for the degree shall normally include:

    Option 1:Students for the Master of Physical Education (Option 1) shall be required to complete a minimum of 12 credit hours plus a thesis. Either HKR 6000 or HKR 6001 is normally required for all students. In addition, all on-campus students shall be required to complete four semester-length seminars represented by registration and successful completion of HKR 6314 (a non-credit, repeatable course) in each of four semesters during their tenure in the program. Off-campus or part-time students who cannot attend the on-campus seminar series meet with the course instructor to discuss alternate evaluation. The remaining course requirements will be selected, in agreement with the Supervisory Committee, to reflect the student’s area of research interests.

    It is the responsibility of the student to arrange regular meetings with their supervisory committee. An annual report, prepared by the student and signed by the Supervisor and all members of the Supervisory Committee, is submitted to the Dean of the School of Human Kinetics and Recreation (or delegate) as required by the School of Graduate Studies.

    A student completing a Master of Physical Education will be required to present a thesis proposal for the student's proposed thesis normally by the end of the third semester of study. The thesis proposal shall normally consist of a full written proposal (including literature review) submitted to the Supervisory Committee. A summary of the proposal is to be distributed to graduate students and faculty one week prior to the scheduled presentation. The student may be questioned on the student's proposal by the Supervisory Committee and seminar audience. Any deficiencies noted during the presentation should be carefully considered by the student and the Supervisory Committee prior to proceeding with the thesis.

    Evaluation of the thesis shall be governed by School of Graduate Studies General Regulations, Theses and Reports. The thesis shall normally be evaluated by two examiners approved by the Dean.

    When the thesis or project report has been completed to the satisfaction of the Dean, the Dean shall recommend that the student be awarded the degree.

    Option 2: HKR 6500 plus 21 credit hours in HKR courses (plus comprehensive examination).

    Equivalent courses may be substituted from other Faculties or Schools subject to the approval of the School of Human Kinetics and Recreation Graduate Studies Committee.