Office of the Registrar
Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science (2020/2021)
7 Promotion Regulations
7.1 General Information
  1. Engineering One consists of eleven required courses: Mathematics 1000, Mathematics 1001, Mathematics 2050, Physics 1050, Physics 1051, Chemistry 1050, English 1090 (or English 1020), ENGI 1010, ENGI 1020, ENGI 1030 and ENGI 1040.

  2. Students are assigned majors for Academic Term 3, which is offered in the Fall semester only.

  3. In addition to meeting the promotion regulations for the Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science, all students must meet the general academic regulations (undergraduate). For further information refer to the UNIVERSITY REGULATIONS - General Academic Regulations (Undergraduate).

  4. Success in the programs depends on meeting the requirements of both academic terms and work terms.