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The following courses (or equivalents) are required:

a) Chemistry 1010 and 1011 (or 1050, 1051), Biology 1001 and 1002, Mathematics 1000, Physics 1020 or 1050, and 1021 (or 1051), English 1080 and 1110.

b) Biochemistry 2100, 2101, 3106, 311A/B, 3200, 3201, 3202, 4002, 4300, 4301, 4502.

c) Psychology 1000, 1001, 2900, 2901, 2850, 3800, 3900, 4910; one of 4850 or 4851; one further 4000-level Psychology course; 6 credit hours of laboratory courses from two different areas chosen from those listed in Clause 1(d) of the requirements for a Major in Behavioural Neuroscience.

d) Either Biochemistry 499A /B or Psychology 499A/B.

e) Chemistry 2400, 2401 or Chemistry 2440.

f) Three credit hours of Computer Science.

g) Other courses to complete at least the prescribed minimum of 120 credit hours in courses for the Joint Honours Degree.

NOTES: 1) In accordance with Clause 6.i. of the Regulations for the Honours Degree of Bachelor of Science, Honours candidates must obtain a grade of "B" or better, OR an average of 75% or higher in all the required courses listed in Clauses (b), (c) and (d) above, except those at the 1000 level.

2) Students in first year intending to follow this program should note the regulations as outlined for admission to Major programs in Psychology and that the deadline for submission of a "Declaration/Change of Academic Program" form to the Psychology Department is June 1 for the Fall semester and October 1 for the Winter semester.

Please direct inquiries to science@mun.ca.

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