University Regulations


Memorial University of Newfoundland is governed by the principles of fairness, academic integrity and the timely provision of information and by regulations whose purpose is to ensure fair and equitable treatment for the entire University community. Some regulations deal with the normal workings of the University (continuance, registration deadlines, etc.) and pertain to all undergraduate students. Other regulations, however, especially those concerned with classification of degrees and academic conduct, apply to certain students in certain specific situations.

The Office of the Registrar will assist students with any questions or problems which arise concerning the interpretation of regulations. It is, however, the responsibility of the student to see that his or her program meets University regulations in all respects. Every student has the right to request waiver of GENERAL ACADEMIC REGULATIONS (UNDERGRADUATE). In addition, every student has the right to appeal decisions resulting from a request for waiver of GENERAL ACADEMIC REGULATIONS (UNDERGRADUATE). For further information refer to Waiver of Regulations and Appeal of Regulations.

Descriptions and regulations for individual programs can be found in the appropriate academic-unit section of this Calendar. The terminology is explained in the GLOSSARY OF TERMS USED IN THIS CALENDAR.

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