1000. A liberal science course for Arts students, which reflects the way scientists think and work through historical, philosophical and social considerations of the environment we live in. Typical course content includes: the concepts of matter, motion and energy; the chemical basis for life and the interdependence of organisms; and the abundance and distribution of the Earth's natural resources.
Three lectures a week.
No laboratory.

1001. Continuation of the above.
Prerequisite: Science 1000.
NOTE: Science 1000/1001 may not be used to fulfill any of the Science course requirements for the Honours and General Degrees in Science.

1150 (F) and 1151 (W). (Formerly Science 115A/B). An introduction to some concepts in the Physical and Life Sciences. These courses are primarily intended for the non-science major (B.A.; B.Ed (Primary/Elementary)).
NOTE: Science 1150 and 1151 are not acceptable as prerequisites for 2000-level courses in Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Geography or Earth Sciences. Credit may not be obtained for both Science 115A and Science 1150 or for Science 115B and Science 1151.

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