See General Regulations for Honours Degree. Students shall complete the following:

At least 51 credit hours in Computer Science courses are required including the following:

a) 1700, 2710, 2711, 2740, 2741, 3711, 3714, 3724, 3725, 3740, 4718, and 4721.

b) Excluding 4780, 15 additional credit hours from courses numbered 3000 or higher, at least 9 credit hours of which must be in courses at the 4000 level.

The following courses in Mathematics and Statistics are required:

a) M 1000, M 1001, M 2000, M 2001, M 2050, M 2051, AM 2130, AM/PM 3201, AM/PM 3202, AM/PM 3210, AM/PM 3260, PM 3301, PM 3320, PM 3340, ST 2510;

b) Excluding PM 4399, 15 additional credit hours in courses offered by the Department of Mathematics and Statistics numbered 3000 or higher including at least 9 credit hours from courses numbered 4000 or higher and at least 9 credit hours in Pure Mathematics courses;

c) An Honours Dissertation in one of the departments, with the topic chosen in consultation with both departments.

NOTES:  Each student will be assigned a Faculty Advisor in each Department. These advisors must be consulted on all academic matters and must approve the selection of courses before registration each semester.

*Inactive Course

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