The following courses, including prerequisites where applicable, will be required:

a) English 1080 and 1110 (or equivalents), Mathematics 1000 and 1001, Biology 1001 and 1002, Earth Sciences 1000 and 1002, Chemistry 1010 and 1011 (or 1050 and 1051), Physics 1020 and 1021 (or 1050 and 1054).

b) Chemistry 2440, Biochemistry 2101, Biochemistry 3106, one of Statistics 2550, 2560 or 2510*.

c) Biology 2060, 2250, 2600, 2900, one of 3401, 3402, 4245 or 4404; plus Biology 3710, 3711, and one of 4210 or 4505. In addition, further Biology courses must be selected by the student in consultation with the supervisor to make up a minimum of 42 credit hours in Biology not including Biology 499A or 499B.

d) Earth Sciences 2030, 2031, 2502, 2905; plus a minimum of 24 credit hours in other Earth Science courses from 2000- to 4000-level, at least 3 credit hours of which must be at 4000-level. Earth Sciences 2150, 2914, 2915 and 4310* cannot be used to fulfill this requirement. Career-related streams outlined in the departmental Student Handbook should be used as a guide to course selection so as to achieve a concentration in one facet of Earth Sciences.

e) An Honours dissertation (Biology 499A/B or Earth Sciences 499A/B). The topic of the Honours dissertation must be chosen with the approval of both Department Heads. A faculty member of either Department may act as supervisor.

f) Other courses to complete the prescribed minimum of 135 credit hours in courses for the Honours degree, with at least 84 credit hours in courses in Biology and Earth Sciences combined.

Any change in the program of study must have the prior approval of the Heads of the two Departments concerned.

*Inactive Course

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