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Programs are offered leading to the Honours Degrees of Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science. An Honours degree requires, over and above the requirement of the General degree, a concentration at an advanced level in an approved field, consisting of a subject or subjects of specialization and/or related subjects, and a high quality of work throughout the program. An Honours degree is of distinct advantage to candidates who plan advanced work or careers in their chosen fields and also to those who have a clear commitment to some special field of study. An Honours degree with first or second class standing is, in many cases, a prerequisite for admission to a graduate program.

Admission and Registration


Course Requirements

Program Regulations

Residence Requirements

Academic Standing

Classification of Degrees

1. Admission and Registration

a) Admission to the Honours degree is competitive and limited, depending upon available resources. Candidates should consult the criteria established for the program in question. To be considered for admission to an Honours program a candidate shall complete an "Application For Admission to the Honours Program" form. The application must be approved by the Program Chair of the Major before the candidates can be admitted to the program.

NOTE: A candidate who wishes to enter an honours program is strongly advised to consult the Program Chair at the earliest possible date, as it may not be possible to complete the requirements for the degree in the normal time if the decision to embark on the program is delayed beyond the end of the second year.

b) Students who have been awarded the General Degree of Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science at Sir Wilfred Grenfell College may convert it to an Honours Degree of Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science by following procedure outlined in a) above.

c) Before registering for any semester or any session, the candidate is strongly advised to consult with the Program Chair on the student's choice of courses. Failure to comply with this requirement may result in denial of access to certain courses.

2. Majors

The Honours Degree of Bachelor of Arts is available in Psychology and the Honours Degree of Bachelor of Science is available in Environmental Science and Psychology.

3. Course Requirements

Candidates for the Honours Degree of Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science shall complete a program of studies which shall consist of not fewer than 120 credit hours subject to the following regulations:

a) All candidates are required to complete the Core Program requirements governing the Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science degrees at Sir Wilfred College.

b) All candidates must also submit an Honours thesis or dissertation on an approved topic which may be followed by an oral examination thereon.

Two copies of the Honours thesis/dissertation must be submitted to the University Library upon completion. All Honours theses/dissertations in the University Library shall be available for unrestricted consultation by students and faculty except under very exceptional circumstances which must be approved by the Academic Studies Committee. Copyright remains with the author. A signed release form must accompany a thesis or dissertation when it is submitted to the University Library.

c) Further courses shall be chosen:

i) minimum 60 credit hours in the major and, where applicable, not fewer than 24 credit hours in the minor


ii) courses to make up a minimum of 120 credit hours, other than those required for the Core Program, major and minor, shall be chosen as follows:

a) any courses in Arts, Science, Social Science and Fine Arts

b) up to 15 credit hours in other subject areas.

4. Program Regulations

Candidates for Honours degrees must comply with such additional requirements of the appropriate Program(s) as approved by the Senate and printed in the University Calendar.

5. Residence Requirements

To qualify for an Honours degree in Arts or Science, a candidate shall attend this University for a minimum of four semesters as a full-time student in the program of specialization except with the permission of the Academic Studies Committee.

6. Academic Standing

In order to graduate with an Honours degree, a candidate shall obtain:

i) A grade of 'B' 70% or better, OR an average of 75% or higher in the courses that comprise the minimum number of credit hours in the Honours subject(s) prescribed by the program concerned, excluding 1000-level courses. A grade of 70% or better must be obtained in the Honours dissertation.


ii) An average of at least 2.75 points per credit hour in the courses required for the degree. (See also UNIVERSITY REGULATIONS - GENERAL ACADEMIC REGULATIONS (UNDERGRADUATE) - Grading, for explanation of the point system.)


1) Students who wish to fulfil the requirements of Clause 6(i) above using repeated or substituted courses must obtain approval of the Program Chair and the Academic Studies Committee. The Honours thesis or dissertation may not be repeated or substituted.

2) For a definition of "Honours subject(s) prescribed by the Program concerned" in Clause 6(i) above, students should consult the regulations governing specific Honours degree programs.

7. Classification of Degrees

a) If a candidate's general average is 3.5 points or better per credit hour in required courses and his/her average is 3.5 per credit hour in the courses in the Honours subject (excluding 1000-level courses), the candidate shall be awarded an Honours degree with First Class standing.

b) If a candidate fulfils the conditions of clause 6 but not of clause 7, section (a), the candidate shall be awarded an Honours degree with Second Class standing.

c) No classification will be given to the degree awarded a candidate who has completed (i) fewer than one half of the courses required for the degree at this University, or (ii) who has completed fewer than one half of the courses required for the degree at this University since 1959. All candidates for such degrees shall, however, fulfil the condition of paragraph 6 on the courses taken at this University since September 1959 in order to qualify for the degree.

d) A declared candidate for an Honours degree who fails to attain the academic standing specified in clause 6, but fulfils the academic requirements for a General degree shall be awarded a General degree, the classification of which shall be determined in accordance withUNIVERSITY REGULATIONS - GENERAL ACADEMIC REGULATIONS (UNDERGRADUATE)

In these regulations, all references to the Program Chair are to be read as "Program Chair or delegate".

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