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School of Nursing Faculty List

BN (Collaborative) Program Sites:

Centre for Nursing Studies

Western Regional School of Nursing


Orchard, C.A., B.S.N., M.Ed., Ed.D. British Columbia; Associate Professor

Associate Director (Graduate Program and Research)

Gaudine, A., B.Sc. Mount Allison, M.Sc.(A) McGill, Ph.D. Concordia; Associate Professor

Associate Director (Undergraduate Programs)

MacDonald, S., B.N., M.N. Memorial, Ph.D. Walden; Associate Professor

Assistant to the Director: Distance Education

Beaton, M., B.Sc. Memorial, M.Sc.N. New York Medical College, M.B.A. Memorial; Associate Professor

Executive Assistant

Dalton, S.


Gien, L., B.Sc.N. Loretta Heights College, M.Ed.N. Columbia, Ph.D. London; Adjunct Professor, Dalhousie University, 2002-2007

Laryea, M., B.A. OPEN, M.Phil. C.N.A.A., D.Phil. Ulster

Associate Professors

Banoub-Baddour, S., B.Sc.N., M.Sc.N., D.N.Sc. Alexandria; Adjunct Professor, Dalhousie University, 2002-2007

Beck, D., B.N., M.Sc., Ph.D. Memorial

Bennett, L., B.N., M.N. Memorial; Honorary Research Associate, University of New Brunswick, 2002-2006

Best, D., B.N. Memorial, M.N. Dalhousie, A.C.N.P. Toronto

Blakeley, J., B.Sc.N. Western, M.B.A. Memorial

Dawe, D., B.N., M.Sc. Memorial

Hackett, M., B.Sc.N. Hunter College, New York, M.Sc.(A) McGill

LeFort, S., B.A. Trent, B.N., M.N. Memorial, Ph.D. McGill

McKim, E., B.Sc.N. Western, M.N. Memorial

Moralejo, D., B.A., B.Sc., M.Sc.(A) McGill, Ph.D. Calgary

Ribeiro, V., B.N.Sc. Queen's, M.S., D.N.Sc. Boston

Small, S., B.N. Memorial, M.Sc.N. Toronto

Solberg, S.M., B.A., B.N. Memorial, M.N., Ph.D. Alberta

Way, C., B.N., B.A. Memorial, M.Sc.(A) McGill, Ph.D. Virginia; Winner of President's Award for Distinguished Teaching 1999

Webber, K., B.Sc.N. British Columbia, M.N. Dalhousie

Westera, D., B.N., M.Ed. Memorial, M.Sc.N. Toronto

Assistant Professors

Brennan-Hunter, A., B.Sc.N. St. Francis Xavier, M.N. Dalhousie

Meadus, R., B.N., B.Voc.Ed. Memorial, M.Sc.(N). Toronto

Parsons, K., B.N., M.N. Memorial

Adjunct Professors

Baker, P., B.N., M.N. Memorial

Earle, M., B.N. Memorial, M.Sc.N. Toronto

Herbert, P., B.N., B.Ed., M.Sc. Dalhousie

Kelly, C., B.N. Dalhousie, M.N. Memorial

Maddigan, W.J., B.N., M.N. Memorial

Norman-Robbins, L., B.N., M.Sc.(A) McGill

Power, L., B.N., M.N. Memorial

Rowsell, J., B.N. Memorial, M.Sc.N. Toronto

Professional Associates

Coish-Snow, P., B.N. Memorial

Downing, G., B.N. Memorial

Dwyer, F., R.N.

Earles, B., B.N., M.N. Memorial

Fleming, M., Dip PHN Dalhousie, MPHN North Carolina

Goodyear, R., B.N., MSA Notre Dame

O'Brien, L.A., B.N. Memorial

Power, J., B.N., M.N. Memorial

Simms, D., B.N., M.N. Lethbridge

Turner, K., B.N. Memorial, M.Sc.N. South Florida

BN (Collaborative) Program Sites:

Centre for Nursing Studies


Rowsell, J., B.N. Memorial, M.Sc.N. Toronto

Associate Directors

Janes, B., B.N., M.Ed. Memorial

Woodford, I., B.N., M.Ed. Memorial


Brophy, K., B.N., M.Ed. Memorial

Cashin, G., B.N. Memorial

Elliott, B., B.N., M.N. Memorial

Emberley-Burke, W., B.N., M.Ed. Memorial

Grainger, P., B.N., M.N. Memorial

Greenslade, V., B.N., M.Ed. Memorial

House, C., B.N., M.Ed. Memorial

Hynes, E., B.N., M.N. Memorial

Jacobs, V., B.N., M.N. Memorial

Kearney, A., B.N. Memorial, M.H.Sc. Toronto

Langor, G., B.N., M.Ed. Memorial

Lilly, A., B.N. Memorial

Murray, C., B.N., M.N. Memorial

Noftall, A., B.N., M.N. Memorial

Pyne, D., B.N., M.N. Memorial

Roberts, G., B.N., M.N. Memorial

Schofield, B., B.N., M.Ed. Memorial

Schofield, G., B.Sc., B.Ed. Mount Allison, B.N. Dalhousie, M.Ed. Memorial

Sellars, F., B.N., M.Ed. Memorial

Smith, K., B.N., M.N. Memorial

Stevens, K., B.N., M.N. Memorial

Thorburn, B., B.Sc.N. St. Francis Xavier, M.Ed. Memorial

Tobin, B., B.N., M.N. Memorial

Tracey, A.M., B.N., M.Ed. Memorial

Tweedie, K., B.Sc. Edinburgh, B.N. Memorial, M.M. Glasgow

Wadman, W., B.A.(A) Nursing Ryerson, M.N. Memorial

Walsh, L., B.N., M.Ed. Memorial

Watkins, K., B.N., M.N. Memorial


Duff, V., B.Sc.N. Alberta, M.Ed. Ottawa

Western Regional School of Nursing


Norman-Robbins, L., B.N., M.Sc.(A) McGill

Associate Director (Curriculum)

Andrews, D., B.N., M.N. Memorial

Associate Director (Administration)

Denny, A., B.N. Memorial, M.N. Dalhousie

Faculty (Permanent)

Alteen, A.M., B.N. Memorial

Anderson, C., B.N. New Brunswick

Didham, P., B.N. Memorial, M.Ed. St. Francis Xavier

Froude, S., B.N. Memorial

Lundrigan, E., B.N. Memorial, M.Ed. St. Francis Xavier

Parsons, S., B.N., M.N. Memorial

Spracklin, E., B.N., M.N. Memorial

Stratton, C., B.N. Memorial

Turner, B., B.N. Memorial

Wells, J., B.N. Memorial

White, M., B.N., M.N. Memorial

Faculty (Temporary and Part-time)

Barnable, A., B.N. Memorial

Buckle, C., B.Sc.N. Queen's

Coleman, K., B.N. St. Francis Xavier

Lovell, D., B.N. Memorial

Penney, S., B.N. Memorial


Gallant, B., B.A. Memorial, M.L.I.S. Western Ontario

Guidance Counsellor

Barber, J., B.Sc., B.Ed. Memorial, M.Ed. Ottawa


The School of Nursing depends on the cooperation and involvement of a large number of organizations and professional personnel in providing quality clinical placements and instruction to its students.

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