School of Music


1. This minor is available to students in the Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Science, Bachelor of Business Administration, Bachelor of Commerce (Cooperative), Bachelor of Recreation, Bachelor of Recreation (Honours), Bachelor of Recreation (Cooperative), and Bachelor of Recreation (Cooperative) (Honours). The minor in Music and Culture is not applicable to the Bachelor of Music degree.

2. Students shall complete 25 credit hours for the minor in music and culture, as follows:
     a) Music 1120 OR Music 1107.
     b) Music 1116 OR Music 1117.
     c) Music/Folklore/Anthropology 4440.
     d) Music 2012 OR 2013.
     e) One of Music 2011, Music 3017/Folk 3200, and Music 3018/Folk 3618.
     f) One of Music 3014, 3015, and 3016.
     g) One of Music 2021, 2022, and 2023.
     h) Two additional courses chosen from Music 1108 or the courses. listed in d), e), f), or g) above.

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