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The Medical School offers a four-year course of studies leading to the degree of M.D.

The first two years of medical studies comprise the preclerkship phase of the curriculum. Basic medical sciences are taught primarily in the first year of medical studies. Upon completion of this course, the integrated study of disease course commences. The course includes an interdisciplinary study of all major bodily systems. In addition, the student learns about the major diseases and their manifestations as preparation for participation in the clinical clerkship.

During both the first and second years of medical studies, the students undertake instruction in community medicine and clinical skills. At the end of the second year, the student is expected to be able to take a history, perform a thorough physical examination and to derive a logical diagnosis.

In the final portion of the MD program, the student alternates through the major specialties in hospital and community settings. In this two-year portion of the curriculum, the student participates in the clinical care team and begins to assume the responsibilities which are associated with the care of patients.

To meet the licencing requirements in Canada, students in their final year of studies sit the examinations set by the Medical Council of Canada. After the award of the M.D., the doctor completes a minimum of two years further postgraduate training before being eligible for a licence to practice in the province.

The Faculty of Medicine has a firm commitment to Continuing Medical Education. A variety of short courses are offered in St. John's and in a number of other centres. In addition, tutors travel to about 20 regional centres, mainly based in hospitals throughout the Province and individual programs are provided as `Clinical Traineeships'.

The program of Graduate Studies in Medicine has strengthened and many graduates from outside the Province have come to Memorial University of Newfoundland Medical School to pursue courses of study and research leading to the degrees of M.Sc. and Ph.D. in Basic and Clinical Sciences and Community Medicine.

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