For an explanation of terms used in this Calendar, see the GLOSSARY OF TERMS USED IN THIS CALENDAR. When the designations SWGC and Marine are used, they indicate references specific to Sir Wilfred Grenfell College and the Fisheries and Marine Institute respectively.

Some of the items in this Index appear in more than one place in the Calendar. In these cases, the different occurances of them will be referred to as Link 1, Link 2, and so on. If the information you are looking for does not appear in the first link, check the other links too.

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Aboriginal Studies (Multidisciplinary)
Academic Advising
Academic Behaviour (Graduate)
Academic Dress
Academic Misconduct (Undergraduate)
Academic Offences (Undergraduate)
Academic Services for Students Academic Staff SEE individual academic units (e.g., Biology or Music, School of) in INDEX for Faculty listing
Academic Warning
Adding Courses (Undergraduate)
Administrative Offices of the University
Admission (School of Graduate Studies)
Admission/Readmission (Undergraduate) Adult Teacher Education (Diploma) Link 1 Link 2
Advanced Placement International English Language (APIEL) Examination
Advanced Placement (AP)
Aegrotat Status
Alumni Affairs and Development
ANSWERS - The Centre for Student Life
Anthropology APIEL (Advanced Placement International English Language Examination)
Appeal of Regulations Application Fees Applied Ethics (Diploma)
Applied Science in Environmental Engineering and Applied Science (Multidisciplinary)
Applied Social Psychology (Co-operative)
Applied Statistics
Aquaculture (Multidisciplinary)
Archaeology SEE Anthropology in INDEX
Archaeology Unit
Art History (SWGC)
Arts Attendance (Undergraduate)
Auditing Courses Averages, Calculation of
Awards - refer to Scholarships, Bursaries and Awards Table of Contents for a complete listing
Behavioural Neuroscience
Biochemistry Biology Blundon (Glenn Roy) Centre Link 1 Link 2
Board of Regents of the University Link 1 Link 2
Botanical Garden
Bursaries - refer to Scholarships, Bursaries and Awards Table of Contents for a complete listing
Burton's Pond Apartments Business (SWGC)
Business Administration, Faculty of
CAEL (Carleton Academic English Language Assessment)
Campus Ministries Link 1 Link 2
Canada Student Loans Link 1 Link 2
Canadian Centre for Fisheries Innovation
Canadian Centre for International Fisheries Training and Development
Canadian Centre for Marine Communications
Canadian Forces Plans Link 1 Link 2 Link 3
Canadian Studies (Multidisciplinary)
Canadian Test of English for Scholars and Trainees (CanTEST)
CanTEST (Canadian Test of English for Scholars and Trainees)
Career Development (Certificate)
Career Development Services for Students Career Planning Centre
Caribbean Advanced Proficiency Exams
Carleton Academic English Language (CAEL) Assessment
Cell/Molecular Biology
Centre for Applied Health Research
Centre for Career Development
Centre for Earth Resources Research
Centre for Institutional Analysis and Planning
Centre for International Business Studies
Centre for Management Development
Centre for Material Culture Studies
Certificate Programs Chairmen of the Board of Regents
Challenge for Credit (Undergraduate) Chancellors of the University
Cheating Chemistry Childcare Centres
Civil Engineering 
Civil, Electrical and Computer, Mechanical and Ocean Engineering, Advanced Studies in (Diploma)
Classics Classification of Degrees (Undergraduate) Classification of Students (Undergraduate)
Clinical Counselling for Addictions (Diploma)
Clinical Epidemiology Research (Diploma)
Cognitive and Behavioural Ecology
College of the North Atlantic, Agreements with Sir Wilfred Grenfell College Commerce SEE Business Administration, Faculty of in INDEX
Community Health (Diploma)
Completing a Course
Computational Science (Multidisciplinary)
Computer Engineering
Computer Industry Internship Option
Computer Science Computing and Communications Link 1 Link 2
Concurrent Studies Constitution of the University
Continuing Education, School of
Dean's List
Degree and Departmental Regulations (Undergraduate) Dentistry
Diary for the Academic Year
Diploma Programs
Director's List

Distance Education Program
Doctor of Philosophy SEE Graduate Studies, School of in INDEX
Drama and Music (Multidisciplinary) Link 1 Link 2
Dropping Courses Earth Sciences Ecology-Evolution
Economics Education, Faculty of Electrical Engineering
Employment Relations (Multidisciplinary)
Engineering and Applied Science, Faculty of Engineering Management (Diploma)
English as a Second Language (Diploma)
English Language and Literature English Language Placement Test (Undergraduate)
English Language Proficiency Requirements Enrolment Figures
Entrance Scholarships
Environmental Engineering and Applied Science, Advanced Studies in (Diploma)
Environmental Engineering and Applied Science (Multidisciplinary)
Environmental Science Environmental Studies (SWGC) Link 1 Link 2 European Studies (Multidisciplinary)
Evaluation Examinations
Facilities Management
Faculty SEE individual academic units (e.g., Biology or Music, School of) in INDEX for Faculty listing
Fees and Charges Financial and Administrative Services
Financial Assistance for Students Fine Arts, Division of (Sir Wilfred Grenfell College) Firearms on Campus
Fisheries and Marine Institute Fisheries Conservation Chair
Fisheries Resource Management (Diploma)
Fisheries Resource Management (Multidisciplinary) - see Marine Studies - (Fisheries Resource Management) (Multidisciplinary)
Fisheries, School of Folklore Folklore and Language Archive Link 1 Link 2
Food Science Forestry (SWGC)
Foundation (Mathematics) Courses
Frecker Program
Gardiner (P.J.) Institute for Enterprise and Entrepreneurship
General Academic Regulations (Undergraduate)
Geographic Information Science (Diploma)
Geography Geology SEE Earth Sciences in the INDEX
Geophysics SEE Earth Sciences in the INDEX
German Glossary of Terms Used in This Calendar
Governing Bodies of the University
Graduation Greek SEE Classics inINDEX
Greek and Roman Studies SEE Classics in INDEX
Grenfell College SEE Sir Wilfred Grenfell College in INDEX
Harlow Campus Link 1 Link 2
Health/Dental Fees Health Professional Education (Diploma in Post-Secondary Studies)
Health Research Unit
Health Sciences Health Services for Students Heritage Resources (Diploma)
Historical Studies (SWGC)
History History of the University
Housing SEE Residence (Housing) and Meals in INDEX
Human Kinetics and Recreation, School of Human Resources
Incomplete Grades
Information Technology (Diploma) Institute for Folklore Studies in Britain and Canada
Institute of Social and Economic Research
Institutes in Education
Instructional Development Office
Instrumental Analysis
Interdisciplinary Programs SEE Multidisciplinary Programs in INDEX
International Baccalaureate Diploma
International Centre Link 1 Link 2
International Student Advisor
International Students Italian
Kinesiology SEE Human Kinetics and Recreation, School of in INDEX Labrador Institute
Language Teachers, Programs for
Latin SEE Classics in INDEX
Law and Society (Multidisciplinary)
Learning Enhancement Programs
Libraries Library Studies (Certificate)
Linguistics Linked Course
Loan Funds
Marine Biology Marine Institute SEE Fisheries and Marine Institute in INDEX
Marine Studies (Fisheries Resource Management) (Multidisciplinary)
Maritime History
Maritime History Archive
Maritime Studies (Marine) Maritime Studies Research Unit
Maritime Studies, School of Master Programs SEE Graduate Studies, School of in INDEX for a listing
Mathematics and Statistics Mathematics Placement Test (Undergraduate)
Mature Student, Admission of
Meals SEE Residence (Housing) and Meals in INDEX
Mechanical Engineering
Media Production Services
Medical Training Programs
Medicine, Faculty of Medieval Studies (Multidisciplinary)
MELAB (Michigan English Language Assessment Battery)
Memorial University of Newfoundland Michigan English Language Assessment Battery (MELAB)
Mission Statement of the University
Multidisciplinary Programs Municipal Administration (Certificate)
Music, School of
Native Liaison Office
Native and Northern Education in Labrador (T.E.P.L.) (Diploma) Link 1 Link 2
Newfoundland Studies Northern Science Training Grants (Labrador Institute)
Nursing, School of Nutrition
Objectives of the University
Occupational Therapy
Ocean and Naval Architectural Engineering
Ocean Engineering Research Centre
Ocean Sciences Centre Link 1 Link 2
Off-Campus Housing
Office of Industrial Assistance - NRC/IRAP
Office of the President
Office of the Registrar
Office of Student Affairs and Services Link 1 Link 2
Office of Student Recruitment and Promotion
Officers and Staff of the University
Parking Paton College Performance and Communication Media (Diploma)
Personal and Professional Non-Credit Courses

Pharmacy, School of Philosophy Physical Education, Recreation and Athletics, School of SEE Human Kinetics and Recreation, School of in INDEX
Physical Oceanography SEE Physics and Physical Oceanography in INDEX
Physics and Physical Oceanography Physiotherapy
Placement Tests (English and Mathematics)
Plagiarism Points Per Credit Hour
Police Studies
Political Science Postgraduate Medical Training Programs
Post-Graduate Residents and Interns Post Masters Nurse Practitioner (Diploma)
Post-Secondary Education President, Office of the
Presidents of the University

Principal's List
Psychology Public Administration (Certificate)
Queen's College Link 1 Link 2 Readmission (Undergraduate)
Reapplication (Graduate)
Records and Information Management (Certificate)
Recreation Recreation Fee (The Works)
Registrar, Office of the
Registration Religious Studies Rereading of Final Examinations (Undergraduate) Research and International Relations
Residence (Housing) and Meals Residence Requirements (Undergraduate) Russian
Safety, Risk and Integrity Engineering, Advanced Studies in (Diploma)
Scholarships-refer to the Scholarships, Bursaries and Awards Table of Contents for a complete listing
Science Science (for Non-Science Majors) Link 1 Link 2
Second Degree (Undergraduate) - Further Credentials
Senate of the University Link 1 Link 2
Senior Citizens - Admission of
Sir Wilfred Grenfell College Smallwood (J.R.) Foundation for Newfoundland and Labrador Studies
Social/Cultural Studies (SWGC) Link 1 Link 2
Social Psychology, Applied (Co-operative)
Social Science, Division of (Sir Wilfred Grenfell College)
Social Work, School of Sociology Sociology/Anthropology Interdepartmental Studies Program
Software Engineering
Spanish Speech Language Pathologists, Programs for
Spiritual Services Statistics SEE Mathematics and Statistics in INDEX
Statistics, Applied

Student Affairs and Services Student Recruitment and Promotion, Office of
Student Health Services
Student Organizations SEE Student Unions in INDEX
Student Unions Student Support Programs Link 1 Link 2
Supervision (Graduate)
Technical Services
Technology (Marine) Technology Education (Diploma) Link 1 Link 2
TeleLearning and Rural School Teaching (Diploma) Link 1 Link 2
Termination of a Graduate Program
Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL)
Theatre (SWGC) Link 1 Link 2
Theses and Reports (Graduate)
Time Limits (Undergraduate)
TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language)

Traffic and Parking SEE Parking in INDEX
Transfer Credit Transfers from other Universities/Colleges (Undergraduate)
Tuition and Related Fees
UCC 2020
University 1010 (SWGC)
University Calendar Fee
University Diary
University Regulations
University Relations
Visiting Research Student (Graduate)
Visual Arts (SWGC) Link 1 Link 2
Waiver of Regulations Wellness Education
Withdrawing from the University (Undergraduate)
Women's Studies (Multidisciplinary) Work Terms The Works
Year of Degree
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