School of Human Kinetics and Recreation


Students must meet all regulations of the School in addition to those stated in the general regulations. For information concerning fees and charges, admission/readmission to the University, and general academic regulations (undergraduate), refer to UNIVERSITY REGULATIONS.

The School of Human Kinetics and Recreation offers undergraduate and graduate degrees in kinesiology, physical education, and recreation. The School’s programs prepare students to meet societal needs for professionals who are able to initiate and manage health and lifestyle-enhancing programs. The School encourages a close working relationship among students, faculty, and staff, and with local and national sport, health, and professional organizations. Co-operative education programs provide for the integration of academic and professional knowledge. A full-time academic student advisor within the School assists students with decisions related to their academic program. The School prides itself on the extent to which senior undergraduate and graduate students are engaged in teaching, research, and scholarly activity. Many graduates of the School are leaders in the fields of physical education, sport, kinesiology, health, and recreation.

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