Interim Head of the Department
J.M. Foltz

The degrees of Master of Science and Doctor of Philosophy are offered in Computer Science.


1. Each candidate admitted into the program shall hold an Honours degree or equivalent in Computer Science or a closely related discipline. An applicant whose undergraduate degree was not in Computer Science, but who has obtained some academic standing in Computer Science, may be recommended for admission to the M.Sc. program and in addition, will be required to take a prescribed set of undergraduate Computer Science courses which may be taken in parallel with the regulation graduate courses. International applicants are strongly encouraged to submit results of the (general) Graduate Record Examination (GRE) Test.

2. Candidates are required to complete a minimum of 15 credit hours in graduate program courses, which must be selected from at least three of the five areas in Computer Science. A candidate may take three credit hours in graduate courses offered by another academic unit as one of the required courses.

3. Each candidate is required to submit an acceptable thesis. The thesis project may involve a theoretical investigation and/or the development of an original, practical system. Each candidate is required to present a tentative outline of his/her proposed research to the Supervisor, with a copy to the Department Committee on Graduate Studies, by the end of his/her third semester in the program (sixth semester for part-time students).

4. Prior to submission of a thesis, normally in the last semester of the program, candidates are required to present a seminar on the thesis topic, methods employed and research results.

5. All candidates are expected to take an active part in seminars and other aspects of the academic life of the Department of Computer Science.


In accordance with Senate’s Policy Regarding Inactive Courses, courses which have not been offered in the previous three academic years and which are not scheduled to be offered in the current academic year have been removed from the following listing. For information about any of these inactive courses, please contact the Head of the Department.

A selection of the following graduate courses will be offered to meet the requirements of candidates, as far as the resources of the Department will allow:

6711. Syntax and Semantics of Programming Languages
6713. Software Engineering
6714. Functional Programming
6716. Concurrent Programming
6718-6719. Special Topics in Programming Languages
6722. Advanced Computer Architectures
6727. Introduction to High Performance Computer Systems
6728-6729. Special Topics in Computer Systems - Computer Networks

6731. Topics in Numerical Methods
6738-6739. Special Topics in Numerical Methods

6741. Advanced Automata Theory
6742. Theory of Databases
6743. Complexity of Computational Problems
6745. Special Topics - Advanced Computational Geometry
6748-6749. Special Topics in Theoretical Computer Science

6751. Database Technology and Information Retrieval
6752. Applications of Computer Graphics
6754. Foundations of Computer Aided Design
6756. Digital Image Processing
6758-6769. Special Topics in Computer Applications

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