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M. Joyal

The Department of Classics offers an M.A. in Classics, with an emphasis on classical texts and research methods, which suitably prepared students may complete in 1 year of full-time study, normally beginning in September.

1. Applicants should have an Honours degree in Classics or a related field, including at least two years study in both Greek and Latin. Students expecting to complete the M.A. degree within 12 months must have at least 24 undergraduate credit hours in one language (Greek or Latin) and 18 undergraduate credit hours in the other. Other applicants may be required to take 3 or more credit hours at the undergraduate level, in addition to their graduate course work.

2. Students will complete 18 credit hours in courses at the 6000 level (including 6100 and 6101) plus any additional courses the department may deem necessary. The required courses 6100 and 6101 involve the intensive reading of ancient texts and also introduce students systematically to the most important research methods in Classics, including palaeography, textual criticism, bibliography, and historiography. Texts and methods chosen may vary according to the availability of instructors.

3. Students are also required to complete one of the following:

A. Research Essay

Students will complete a research essay (approximately 15,000 words), normally in the third semester of their program of study. The essay will be graded by two members of faculty and will be assigned a PASS/FAIL grade.

B. Translation Examination

Students will be required to pass two exams based on a reading list of Greek and Roman authors. One exam will be on Greek authors and one on Latin authors. The exams test students’ ability to translate from Greek and Latin texts into English and will also require some commentary on the set texts. Students are expected to write these exams in the third semester of their program of study. The exam will be graded by two members of faculty and will be assigned a PASS/FAIL grade.

4. Students are required to complete an examination testing their competence in German, Italian or French, as early as possible in their program of study. This examination will be assigned a PASS/FAIL grade. (See General Regulation G.2.d.)


6010. Greek Literature: Prose
6020. Latin Literature: Prose
6030. Greek Literature: Poetry
6040. Latin Literature: Poetry
6050. Greek History
6060. Roman History
6080. Ancient Philosophical Authors
6100. Greek Literature/Research Methods
6101. Latin Literature/Research Methods

NOTE: The prerequisite of all 6000-level courses is at least three courses numbered 3000 and above (or equivalent) in the appropriate language.

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