The Memorial University of Newfoundland Students' Union Act, 1968, which incorporated the Students' Union, defines the objectives of the Union (MUNSU) as follows: to promote artistic literacy, educational, social, recreational, charitable and sporting activities for the advancement of the interests of its members and others; to act as the official organization of the students of the University; and to coordinate, promote and direct the activities of the students of the University.

The MUNSU motto is Students Serving Students. Based on this motto the Students' Union operates a range of services that improve the quality of student life: the Copy Centre, The Attic (Used Bookstore and Postal Service), the MUNSU Student Planner, Breezeway Bar, CHMR-FM Radio and THE MUSE Newspaper. The cost of services are partially funded by MUNSU fees that are paid by each undergraduate student upon registration.

MUNSU assists students on an individual basis to resolve student aid, as well as academic-based problems. Through the offices of the Vice President External and the Vice President Academic, problems with appeals, assessments, repayment and general complaints in these areas are addressed.

The Students' Union offers free legal services to students during a semester and a legal aid supervisor is available for appointment - check the MUNSU General Office for legal aid office hours. Please note that these sessions are not considered extended legal counsel. Students who have more serious issues may be referred to the MUNSU lawyer, for one free session, per issue, per semester.

MUNSU has established and provides funding for a number of Centres on campus: Women's Resource Centre (WRC); International Students Centre (ISC); Lesbian, Bisexual, Gay and Trans-gendered Resource Centre (LBGT-MUN); MUN DISC (Disability Info & Support Centre); Students Older Than Average (SOTA) and Student Parents at MUN (SPAM).

The Students' Union is also a member of the Canadian Federation of Students (CFS) representing over 400,000 students across Canada. Visit MUNSU on the World Wide Web


All full-time and part-time undergraduate students of the University pay a compulsory students' Union fee and all students, upon registration, automatically become members of the Students' Union.

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