It is the personal responsibility of each student to locate accommodation on or off the campus. The University will provide such assistance as it can through the Housing, Food and Conference Services. Accommodation on campus is available at Paton College and Burton's Pond Apartments. See Off-Campus Housing for information about accommodation off- campus.

For good cause, the University reserves the right to refuse admission to university housing to any individual, and to require the withdrawal of any individual who has been admitted to university housing.


Offers of rooms at Paton College are conditional on students being accepted and registered at Memorial University of Newfoundland or the Fisheries and Marine Institute. Students who are not accepted to the University must notify the college officer of their intention to cancel accommodations. Paton College consists of ten residence houses and has accommodations for 982 students. Traditional housing consists of one male and two female houses. Accommodations are also available in seven co-ed residences.

While Housing, Food and Conference Services oversees the operation of Paton College, all houses are administered internally by representatives of both Housing, Food and Conference Services and the students. Each house is under the supervision of a Proctor, who is responsible for ensuring the smooth running of the residence. The Proctor is assisted by several Resident Assistants, who reside on each floor. Each residence also elects a House Committee comprised of students to represent the house in various matters, and to organize social and recreational activities in the residence. An Academic Don is also appointed for each residence by Housing, Food and Conference Services. The Don is responsible for co-ordinating academic support programs in residence including the supervising of computer room and a free tutoring program. The Residence Life peer helpers provide information concerning wellness issues through awareness campaigns and special events. Student leadership opportunities and employment are offered in the form of resident assistant, academic Don, student assistant and MUCEP positions.

Most rooms in Paton College are double occupancy. Only students who have spent a minimum of two terms in residence, including the most recent academic term, are eligible for a single room. Eligibility for single rooms will be determined by number of terms spent in Paton College and number of university credit hours.

The top floor of most Paton College houses have been designated as quiet floors and stereos are permitted on low volume in these areas. Students who prefer to live in a section where quiet standards are maintained, should request a quiet floor on their application form. While regular floors do not have 24 hour quiet hours, there are designated quiet hours for studying. There are areas in all Paton College Residences that are designated as smoke free

Students with special needs may be accommodated. There are a limited number of wheelchair accessible rooms. Students with other special needs are encouraged to contact us to determine whether Paton College can meet their individual requirements.

All students of Paton College are required to purchase a meal plan as a condition of residency. Special diets may be arranged for students with medical conditions provided they have proper documentation. The university cannot guarantee an allergen free environment.

Mail service is available to all residents. Students are responsible for their own personal items, such as soap, towels, and linens.

Most houses are connected to an extensive underground tunnel system that allows students access to most of the university's facilities.

Each house has a television room, computer room, study lounge, games room, and laundry facilities. Several residences also have exercise and weight rooms, furnished guest lounges, and snack canteens. Pay telephones are available on each floor or students may make arrangements to have their own phone installed.


Application for residence may be made by any eligible person at any time. Application forms are available from:

Housing, Food and Conference Services
9-309 Hatcher House
Memorial University of Newfoundland
St. John's, Newfoundland and Labrador
A1B 3P7
PHONE: (709) 737-7590

 A $20.00 application/processing fee is required of all students each semester. This fee is non-refundable and will not be credited to the applicant's financial account.

Confirmation fees are creditable and may be refunded when all conditions pertaining to this fee are met.

Application for summer session may be made any time and must be accompanied by a non-refundable, non-creditable $20.00 application fee.


Returning students of the Fall and Winter Semesters and work term students as defined by the Division of Co-ordination, will receive assignment preference over all other applicants if they adhere to the schedule under RESIDENCE TERMS.

Students entering University as first-year students, as well as students transferring directly to St. John's from Sir Wilfred Grenfell College or the community colleges, will receive assignment preference over all remaining applicants.

All other applicants, including spring semester and summer session residence students, will be considered and assigned by date of receipt of their application.

Notwithstanding the foregoing, the University reserves the right to make residence/room assignments and/or changes other than those stated as preference on the application.


(See the University Diary section of the Calendar for exact dates.)
Fall Semester September to December
Winter Semester January to April
Spring Semester May to August
Intersession May to June
Summer Session July to Mid-August


Returning students for the Fall semester must apply for accommodations by March 15.  A $20.00 application fee will be charged to their university student account.  This fee is non-transferable, non-refundable, and non-creditable. At this time an acceptance form to Paton College is signed. If it becomes necessary for an applicant to cancel a confirmed assignment, it must be done on or before July 1st. Failure to cancel a room assignment by July 1st will result in a $300.00 cancellation fee being charged to the student's financial account with the University.


Assignments will be mailed to the earliest applicants beginning February 1st. Confirmation form and fee of $200.00 must be received by Housing, Food and Conference Services no later than May 31, otherwise the house assignment will be cancelled and the space re-assigned. If it becomes necessary for an applicant to cancel a confirmed assignment, it must be done not later than July 1 to be eligible for a refund of the confirmation fee. FAILURE TO CANCEL A CONFIRMED ASSIGNMENT BY JULY 1 WILL RESULT IN THE FORFEITURE OF THE $200.00 CONFIRMATION FEE.


Assignments will be mailed as vacancies occur. Confirmation form and fee of $200.00 must be received by Housing, Food, and Conference Services within specified deadline dates. Where confirmation forms and confirmation fee are not received within this period the assignment will be cancelled and the space re-assigned.

Once assigned a house, the onus is on the student to cancel the assignment if the space is not required. CANCELLATION OF CONFIRMED ASSIGNMENTS WILL RESULT IN THE FORFEITURE OF THE $200.00 CONFIRMATION FEE. If a student fails to register for his or her room at the beginning of the semester, commonly referred to as a "no show" he or she will not normally be granted an appeal and will automatically be charged a cancellation fee.


When all rooms of the College have been assigned, applicants to a maximum of 200 males and 200 females, who cannot be offered accommodation, will be placed on an assignment preference list. It is essential that individuals on the list give the Housing, Food, and Conference Services Office a local address and telephone number at which they can be contacted on short notice. Housing, Food, and Conference Services can give no assurance that a room will be available to all those on the assignment preference list; for this reason, all individuals on this list should make their own arrangements for alternate accommodation. It should be noted that the application fee is non-refundable and non-creditable.


First-year students

Occupancy of rooms extends from the day before registration until 12:00 noon the day after the last regularly scheduled undergraduate examination.

Meal tickets are valid from the breakfast meal on the day following the first day of Paton College registration. The ticket expires with the evening meal on the day of University's last regularly scheduled examination.


Residence fees cover the period of a particular semester only. Those residents who have a valid requirement to be in residence between semesters may be provided sleeping accommodation if space is available and approved by the Housing, Food, and Conference Services Office.

An additional charge for such accommodation must be arranged and paid in advance. No refunds.

Students may be required to remove their personal belongings from their rooms for the Christmas period or other recesses when required.

Housing, Food, and Conference Services Office reserves the right to deny accommodation outside the normal semester period if space is needed for other purposes.


All accommodation at Paton College is on a room-and-board basis. All students in Paton College are required to purchase a 10, 14 or 19 meal plan that following Canada's Food Guide. As the food contract is negotiated each year and residence fees are subject to inflationary trends, refer to the section of the University Calendar headed FEES AND CHARGES to determine cost of accommodation.


Effective Septemer 2002 the University has changed its withdrawal policy to reflect that all new registrants in Paton college will be required to sign an eight month lease.

     a)   No refunds will be issued to students in this category.
     b)  Students are responsible for all fees and charges for both the Fall and Winter Semesters.

Students who wish to move out of residence during the semester, must notify the Housing, Food, and Conference Services (309 Hatcher House).

Students leaving residente will be required to give one month written notice of intention to do so or pay the equivalent cost.  Requests for waiver of this regulation should be made to the Director of Housing, Food and Conference Services.
Refunds are available under the following conditions:

     a)   No refunds will be made on the first month's charges.
     b)   Refunds on charges after the first month will be prorated to the end of the week (Sunday).
     c)   Students registering after the first two weeks will have their charges prorated from the beginning of the week                              (Monday) they register.
     d)   No refunds will be offered students leaving in the last month of the semester.

The above is dependent upon a satisfactory room condition form.


In addition to Paton College, the University operates an apartment complex at Burton's Pond on the University campus. There are four apartment buildings for single students: Guy, Gilbert, Cartier and Cabot Courts. Fifteen two-bedroom family units are contained in Baltimore Court, and there is a service building - Corte Real Court containing a computer room, a laundry centre, and students' mail boxes which are accessible to residents 24 hours a day. The Housing, Food and Conference Services office for Burton's Pond Apartments is located in Room 309, Hatcher House. As spaces are limited, demand is high, and spaces are allotted on a first come first served basis, students are encouraged to apply early. Each apartment unit in the four "single students" buildings is occupied by four students, each of whom has a private bedroom and shares the kitchen, living room and bathroom. Burton's Pond accommodates both graduate and undergraduate students. Each student is required to sign an occupancy agreement for the partial occupancy of an apartment.

Residence in the apartments is normally limited to students of 19 years of age or over who have a minimum of 30 university course credit hours. Students entering the University for the first time or who have less than 30 credit hours and wish to stay in Burton's Pond when they meet the requirements, should not delay in submitting an application. Applications outside of these regulations may be submitted for the approval of Director of Housing, Food, and Conference Services. The four residences can provide accommodation for 512 students. Once this accommodation has been assigned, applicants to a maximum of 100 males and 100 females who cannot be offered accommodation will be placed on a waiting list.

Baltimore Court has 15 Family units, and the student is required to sign an occupancy agreement. Each apartment contains a living room, a kitchen, two bedrooms, and a bathroom. The second bedroom is designed for one child. All apartments in Baltimore are assigned on a priority basis. Check with Housing, food, and Conference Services office for details.

The application fee is non-refundable and non-creditable in all instances.

Except for the restriction on first-year students and waiting list maximums, the same basic procedures apply for Assignment to Residence, Residence Terms and Offers of Accommodations - New Applicants.

Eligible students wishing to apply may obtain further information and application forms by contacting:

Housing, Food and Conference Services Office
Memorial University of Newfoundland
St. John's, Newfoundland and Labrador
A1B 3P7
PHONE: (709) 737-7599


The University operates an on line off-campus housing operation consisting of rooms for rent, bed sitting rooms, apartments/apartment buildings to rent/share, and houses to rent/share. The University operates as an information source only to provide students with a listing of potential housing arrangements. The University does not take responsibility for inspecting these accommodations.

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